Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

Lake Tahoe both Nevada and California is world renowned for a great mixture of terrains, scenery, resorts, nightlife, and quality of snow. People from all over the world travel to Tahoe every year to experience skiing, snowboarding, and backcountry skiing and shoeing for themselves… Tahoe boasts that not many are disappointed. With 7 resorts to chose from, casino’s and gambling on the Nevada side, and outlets, shopping and fine dining on the California side, South Lake Tahoe, paired with the beautiful scenery in absolutely every direction, it is pretty hard for any vacationer to loose.

One of the most highly regarded resorts is Heavenly Resort who claims to be “Lake Tahoe’s premier winter playground.” Heavenly is the largest resort in California, but is bordering Nevada and Lake Tahoe making the possibilities for fun threefold. Heavenly boasts the not only the largest vertical drop in California (3,500 feet) but also the owner of Lake Tahoe’s tallest summit (10,067). The mountain, at Heavenly, has 95 different and diverse trails that cover all levels of skiing ability and thrill seeking with access from their 30 lifts, nine of which are high speed. Heavenly is also the proud owner of the West Coast’s most powerful snowmaking system ensuring that there will always be enough snow, no matter what Mother Nature has to say! The resort also offers a wide array of skiing schools, clinics and services to make your day perfect. You can take private or group lessons, clinics specifically geared towards women’s adventure, or a host of classes specifically aimed at problem areas. They also have an on site day care, tours, photo and shuttle services, and an area to check your Skis or Snowboard while you enjoy other parts of the mountain. Heavenly also has great tree runs for snowboarders and has the reputation for being a very boarder friendly resort.

There is not lodging on site at Heavenly, but they have worked hard to make sure that your stay at Lake Tahoe can be the best vacation ever. With this goal in mind, they have worked to develop relationships with Hotels, Motels, Condos and Bed and Breakfasts in the area and have special “Heavenly” rates when you select a “Preferred Property.” Prices range from $49 to $200+ a night depending on number of rooms and dates of stay.

Lift tickets to Heavenly vary in price depending on length and time you will be skiing; however, they offer a discount plans if tickets are purchased online a head of time. Prices begin at $106 for the 2007- 2008 and vary from there, but not exceeding $158 for a 2 day pass during the Christmas season. They also have teen and children lift ticket rates. They also offer lift ticket for longer stays 7 to 10 days.

If looking to enjoy some of the most unique runs and chutes while visiting Lake Tahoe, skiing or snowboarding Heavenly is a must on your to do list!

Ski Heavenly

The NorthStar resort at Tahoe is a unique experience in ski resorts. It has a village full of restaurants, stores, ice rink, as well as the home of a great run for beginners or for pros to warm up on! Along with the Village Run, Northstar has six other attractions to chose from. Mt. Pluto is one of their most family friendly areas. It has many well groomed, moderately pitched runs. For those looking for something just a little harder than Mt Pluto, the Northstar Northwest Territory is perfect. Aimed at intermediate skiers and is ideal for refining your technical skills, training for harder runs, or racing. The Backside is prime skiing for moderate to advanced skiers and offers seven different mile long runs as well as acres of tree skiing. Lookout Mountain is one of Northstar’s local hotspots. Known for its steep inclines and bump runs is a challenge even for experienced skiers. If you are looking for a challenge, this is the place. The Terrain Park is considered one of the “top ten best Terrain parks in North America.” It offers all sizes and skill levels within its 45 rails, boes, 50 jumps and jibs. There is also a 420 foot Super Pipe for snowboarders to enjoy! Another great feature at Northstar at Tahoe is their X-Country and Snowshoeing area. Over 24 miles of are open for snowshoeing, tracking, or skate-skiing in a safe, well groomed environment, away from all the hustle and bustle of the higher paced runs. If you come to Northstar as your first skiing experience, you are in luck they offer many skiing and snowboarding classes for adults, children, and women only classes.

Lift tickets at Northstar vary from $28 to $68 dollars for a single day pass (children/senior to adult). There are discounts for multi day passes and different pricing schedules for holidays.

Northstar also has a great selection of lodging from the Northstar Village rooms, to Northstar Condos, to Northstar Mountain Homes, and the new Northstar Village Condo’s that vary in price and number of rooms from 1 room lofts for $139 a night to deluxe housing packages with 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms for $1800 a night. All in all, Northstar at Tahoe is centered around having everything a family needs for a great ski vacation.

Mt. Rose ski resort boasts Tahoe’s highest elevation point at 8,260 feet and being the closest to Reno, Nevada, the nearest airport to Lake Tahoe. Mt. Rose offers 1,200 acres of powder and the new Chutes has added over 200 acres of steep, 1500 feet of vertical drop at 40-55 degrees, for the experienced skiers enjoyment. There are four gates, or entrances to the Chutes that can be accessed by the normal Zephyr lift chair, or by the express Chuter Chair. Mt. Rose also has a well rounded array of skiing options, with over 60 runs, beginner and intermediate runs as well as advanced and expert runs. The longest run is two and half miles long.

Offering day and half day lift tickets from $68 to $42, Mt. Rose is an inexpensive option for those that may be in Reno or Tahoe for other reasons and just have a day to ski.

There are not lodging accommodations located on Mt. Rose, but the short half hour drive to Reno make the options of lodging, gambling, night clubs, and entertainment when you are not on the slopes very diverse and accessible. Room rates and vacation packages are usually less expensive in Reno than in Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rose gives the budget conscious vacationer a great option!

Kirkwood Resort

Kirkwood Resort offers the intermediate skier the most options on the more than 65 trails, over 50%. They also offer beginning, advanced and expert choices on their 2,300 acres of skiable terrain. One of the most distinctive things about the Kirwood Resort is the many unique and interesting classes and tours. They have a backcountry guided tour, a snowboarding tour, several different skiing tours, as well as classes and clinics for skiers and boarders of all ages. They have safety clinics and take avalanche safety and teaching skiers about it very seriously. They also offer several different types of their Kirkwood: Expeditions series with such tours as the Powder Cat tour or an avalanche tour. They also offer Kirkwood: Expedition tours geared to children and teens, giving them a supervised, educational activity to participate in while their parents are enjoying the runs. The prices for these tours and classes depend on the length and complexity of the tour, but start at $100 and go clear up to thousands for the overnight expeditions. The daily lift tickets are $15 for children and seniors to $69 for a full day adult.

Lodging at Kirkwood can happen on site. They have several different options of small studio rooms, to spacious condos with three plus bedrooms. Most of the accommodations come with TV, VCR, DVD and cable in the room. Many have fireplaces, kitchens, Jacuzzi tubs, and feature hot tubs, recreational rooms, on property as well as options for covered parking and covered swimming pools. There are 10 different locations to stay at while visiting Kirkwood: Meadowstone Lodge, The Lodge at Kirkwood, Lost Cabin, Snowcrest Lodge, The Mountain Club, The Sentinels, Kirkwood Towers, Sun Meadows, The Meadows, and Base Camp all offering different price and luxury accomodations. Prices at these locations depend on time of year and availability, viewing options at their website is probably the best option.

The Sierra at Tahoe Resort is situated farther away from the lake than most of the other Tahoe resorts, and this allows the California skier from San Francisco or Sacramento a shorter commute. Sierra at Tahoe also prides themselves on being a family resort and have tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, and family tours and lessons to encourage parents to bring their kids along for the fun. Even the shape of the resort is family friends, the oval shape allows family member of difference skill sects to go on the runs that they enjoy, and meet back in the middle easily.

There are six parks for everyone to choose from, The Alley, Bashful, Broadway, The Circuit, Smokey, and Upper Main. Smokey park is probably one of the favorites at Sierra at Tahoe, located in the rear, the Smokey area is designating for racing and training. It has diverse terrain making it fun at high or low speeds and for people of all skill levels. For the adrenaline junkies, Bashful Park is the place to be, it features a vertical pitch all the way down and the ability to hit five jumps in a row, there is also a 12 foot wall ride and a line of jibs making this a great place for the advanced to expert skiers. The Broadway is a great place for the more advanced beginners to moderate skiers to start and getting a little bit fancy, it has 10 to 20 feet rails, small jump, tables, and boxes to help them see what the “rush” of skiing is all about!

Lift tickets are $65 dollars for adults on a one day pass and $68 for Holidays. They also offer children and senior passes from $16. Sierra at Tahoe also has a “Parent Perdicatment Tickets” which allow parents to use the same pass back and forth while one parent stays with the younger kids, the other can go up the lift, then they can switch off. This is a great feature for those skiers with small children!

One of the drawback to this resort is there are not any lodging accommodations available, but this could be a great place for a day trip.

Sierra Resort

Alpine Meadows is proud of their 2,400 acres of patrolled, skiable terrain. It has over 100 runs that encompass all skill levels. They offer many different skiing and snowboarding classes and not just the basics, but private out of bound tours and beginner classes that teach using the Direct-To-Parallel program. They also have an on mountain restaurant and snack bar and an indoor children’s play area.

Lift tickets to Alpine are $58 for an adult full day, or $63 for holiday. Child, senior and teen tickets start at $10 through $49. Alpine Meadows also offers discounts for multiple day lift packages.

Although there are not any lodging accommodations at Alpine Meadows, they have several package deals with Reno and Tahoe hotels, resorts, and casinos making the options of visiting Alpine more accessible. They also have shuttles from certain hotels and the parking areas.

Squaw Valley Resort

Squaw Valley, USA is one of the larges Tahoe resorts having over 4,000 acres of terrain. Over “70% of the mountain’s terrain” is for the beginner and moderate skier and/or snowboarder. This is a huge amount of space for someone to explore. They have all sorts terrain parks with half pipes, jumps, and rails. They also have racing services. Squaw Valley offers classes in skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, night skiing, and everything in between.

Having held the 2006 winter Olympics at Squaw Valley, there are also lots of historical and site seeing to be done. High Camp has an ice rink, a fine dining restaurant, and shops to explore, not to mention a cable car ride that gets you there! Squaw also has a swimming lagoon and spa, snow tubing, dog sledding rides, and a climbing wall. If skiing or boarding is not your thing, there are plenty of other options when you visit Squaw Valley.

The lift tickets at Squaw Valley, USA are $73 dollars for an adult day pass, however, they offer great mid-week and multiple day discounts.

Fishing the Waters off the Coast of British Columbia

The winding rugged coast of British Columbia spans more than 20,000 kilometers through the Pacific Ocean, which creates incredible opportunities for fans of ocean shoreline and deep sea fishing. There are a number of popular destinations for anglers along the coast of British Columbia, where salmon, cod and halibut are found in huge populations.

Depending on the type of fishing you prefer, you may want to spend your entire vacation in one location or move around sampling the opportunities at different locales along the coast. Charter fishing in British Columbia gives you the opportunity to see more of the area than you might otherwise enjoy. Chartering your own vessel for a vacation will provide the freedom to explore the coast freely without the limitations that a group charter might impose. This gives you the capability of designing an itinerary that suits your needs and interests. It can also allow you to take the advice of some knowledgeable locals who can direct you towards the prime spots.

The coastline waters off British Columbia enjoy a very long salmon fishing season. Every winter as the salmon return to spawn, the many islands along their migration path interrupt their journey towards the rivers where they return to spawn. This creates a surprisingly long salmon season that lasts from May to September.

In order to bring home a treat from the open waters of Canada you will need a Tidal license for saltwater fishing. You can apply for a Tidal license online from the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website, although in order to fish for halibut, you must apply for that license in person. The Ministry of Environment issues Non-tidal licenses. Through the license website, you can also download and review regulations for the season, to be certain you understand the rules in the region you hope to visit.

King salmon fishing in British Columbia is especially popular. If salmon fishing is on your agenda, you will need to pay a conservation surcharge in the form of a Salmon Stamp, the profits of which help to fund restoration projects for this species. If you are chartering a boat in Canada, or are using a package tour operator who specializes in vacation, charter or tour directors should be able to advise you on required licenses and other paperwork for your trip.

There are many companies that offer charter fishing in British Columbia. It is a popular destination for traveling, due to the beauty of the area, the abundant opportunities and waters in Canada, as well as the excellent facilities and tour operators that are available. British Columbia also has a lot to offer to any non-fishers in the party, so if you want to bring the rest of the family along then there will be plenty for them to do while you are off enjoying the water.

All visitors entering Canada are required to present a passport, even if traveling from the U.S. While U.S. citizens are exempt from visa requirements, it is required for other tourists, so you should check before you try to enter the country.

Finding Accommodation In Las Caletillas

by Jayne Jansen

It is not that difficult to locate accommodation in Las Caletillas because it is a peaceful vacation resort, with a residential specific, situated on the north east coast of the Tenerife’s. The Santa Cruz capital is located only nine miles away and Las Caletillas is extremely close to the Candelaria village. This is a well-known touristic destination because of the black sands on the volcanic beaches.

Las Caletillas has itself a wonderful black pebble beach and it offers numerous restaurants, bars and souvenirs shops. There is not anything spectacular to do at night, but Las Caletillas represents a genuine Canaries experience as well as a relaxing spot at the Tenerife gateway.

Regarding accommodation, you can find several three or four stars hotels here. The number of hotels is not that large, but you can still accommodate yourself in the nearby area, in locations such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Santa Ursula. You may also consider one of the numerous delightful apartments here for accommodation.

The hotel Catalonia Punta Del Rey is a hotel of four stars that is situated in the downtown of the resort. Candelaria is a touristic destination that is located about 3 km and here the travelers might enjoy the beautiful black sand beach. There is also a white sand beach in the vicinity, about 8 km away. Nearby the hotel there are restaurants, shops and bars.

There are several links to the public transportation nearby the hotel and the Tenerife airports situated about 30 miles from the hotel.

The Hotel Tenerife Tour benefits from a spectacular location in the bright Candelaria Caletillas area. A sandy beach and the sea that has a turquoise blue color are just in the hotel vicinity. There are bus stops and other public transportation in the area. In the hotel neighborhood, you can find restaurants, shopping venues, bars as well as nightlife entertainment.

Getting Cheap Airline Tickets to Trinidad is Easier Now

Cheap airline tickets to Trinidad can be easy to find if you are a patient looker and a lenient traveler. If you are looking for a not so crowded, secluded but picturesque vacation island in the Caribbean, you can try the southernmost of the island which is Trinidad.

Trinidad is part of the island tandem Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is relatively young in terms of self-governance. But already has a population of 1,305,000 together with the smaller island Tobago. Trinidad lies a few miles off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. Trinidad is known for its water tourist attractions which include snorkeling, scuba diving and its swimming pools. There are crash courses for these activities, and there is also time allowance for the actual activities.

When traveling, you can find cheapest fares to Trinidad landing at the Piarco International Airport or commonly known as Port of Spain or POS. If the destination is in Tobago, they have the Crown International Airport. Both operate 7 days a week but Crown International Airport is only open from 5 am up to 12 midnight.

Assuming you will be coming from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), cheap airline tickets to Trinidad are around 215 $ excluding taxes. This is usually on non peak days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. During Fridays, there is a slightly higher rate, you can get fares for around 224 $, but Saturdays and Sundays offer the highest airfare rates. This is on an adult with one-way travel. You may also want to choose overnight travels for lower fees. Flights that are around 300 $ sometimes offer the best combination of shorter travel time, lesser number of stopovers and time of flights. Afternoon flights tend to charge higher. There are flights that can go over 500 $ depending on the airlines on any day, so choose well.

Certain number of stopovers can also affect the price of the tickets, although this is not a permanent trend. But, the usual inclination is that more number of stopovers means lower price. Usual stopovers from US are to other US state, then directly to the Port of Spain. One up to three stopovers are common within the flights to Trinidad.

The cheapest air tickets can also be obtained by booking flights that require change of airports and slightly longer travel time. Although, not all cheap flights have long duration of travel. The travel time can range from 10 hours up to 28 hours. Just make sure that you bring a guide and that you have enough layover time if you choose to take flights requiring change of airports. You may also want to bring a book or some thing to pass the layover time.

Cheapest airline tickets to Trinidad could also be booked online. Online booking should be easy enough if you check on which one fits you. Being patient in looking for these tickets and using flight comparison sites will help a lot. When you are a lenient traveler, finding economized tickets will not be such a problem. Just make sure you bring some water and food to get you by the flight, remember that cheaper airfare means no-frills flight, better be ready.

Getting super cheap airplane tickets online is not really that hard to accomplish.

Picking the Best Ski Equipment for your Vacation

Skiing vacations are unlike many other vacations in that you need a good deal of equipment and gear in order to enjoy and have a successful time. This article will run through the key equipment that you will need so that it all goes well and you can’t wait for the next winter to go on another ski trip.It goes without saying that you need a pair of skis. A pair of skis can be broken down into three components – the skis themselves, the bindings and the boots. It is an impossible task to buy a pair of skis if you have never tried skiing before. My advice would be to hire the skis for your first trip. If you like skiing and think that you will be skiing for many years to come then it makes sense to buy a pair. However for the first trip, if you rent you will get your first insight into what to look for in a pair of skis, the bindings and a pair of boots.

Ski’s vary in terms of length and width. They vary in terms of shape and look. What all these qualities are catering for are the size of the skier, the skill level of the skier and the types of terrain that they want to ski on. In terms of looks, this is appealing to the potential buyers sense of style and has nothing to do with the performance of the skis, unless go faster strips really do make things go faster !

Hiring skis will help you understand the type of ski that fits your size and weight. Carving skis are the most popular type of ski design at the moment. They have a curve along the sides of the skis, starting from the middle (or waist) extending to the tip and tail of the ski. The difference in length of the width of the tip/tail to the waist is known as the sidecut. The greater this length the easier it is to do carving turns. Other designs, without the sidecut may be used for off piste skiing.

Ski bindings generally come with the skis. If they don’t it is advisable to use the same brand of bindings as the ski brand. If the ski brand doesn’t make a binding then they will endorse a brand of binding for their ski. It’s always best to go with this advice. Bindings are designed to release the boot whenever there is a change in weight on the ski. This can prevent ankle and knee injuries.

Boots must fit your foot snugly. You should test them out by leaning forward. Make sure the foot doesn’t slip or move when you do this. Most boots are plastic and can be adjusted around the foot, ankle and calf. They should be tight fitting around the top of the calf to prevent snow getting into the boot.

After that you need some poles. There is not much too selecting poles. You must consider the weight and length of the poles. They shouldn’t be heavy for you (most aren’t so this shouldn’t be a problem). In terms of size, the standard advice is to hold the pole by the pointy end with the grips touching the floor. If your arms are parallel to the ground when you do this then the poles are the right size for you.

Goggles or sunglasses are also essential for skiing. Goggles provide the best protection in all conditions but may be bulky for some people. Start off with sunglasses as most people have a pair.