Skiing Tips : Skiing Schools

Skiing lessons are the focus of this installment of our learn to ski guide.

It will take about a week of lessons from a professional ski instructor at a ski school, but by the end of that week, you will have learned to ski correctly. Once you have learned the basics, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to safely avail yourself of the runs available at the resort where you have opted to stay. It is important, however, to make sure you look into any ski school’s reputation for quality, the cost of its services, and what purpose it hopes to serve, all of which can vary considerably. At a minimum, you should look into the following. . . .

Does the school specialize in one or the other of group or private lessons, or does it offer both? While private lessons can be more costly, the benefit is that you have all of your ski instructor’s attention so that you can learn more quickly. If you like the fun of meeting new people, and wish to hear about the experiences of several others, then group lessons might be for you. For first timers especially, class instruction seems to be the preferred choice.

Finding out the number of students are generally in a class is advisable, however. It really depends on how a ski school manages the students, but ideally look for one that has class sizes of no more than seven or eight students. For quality ski instruction, shy away from schools that have larger class sizes, as this is a red flag that profit is the school’s primary motive.

Who they’re catering for is also important; beginners, intermediates, experts or all levels? Skiers with more or less the same skiing abilities should all be assigned to the same class. In order to assess your abilities before placing you in a class, a school might ask you to participate in an instructor-supervised test of sorts where you will be asked to ski down a couple of slopes and show them how well you are able to turn. If you’re unsure of your ability, it’s better to start off in a lower ability class and ask to be moved up into another if you find it too easy.

Find out if the school segregates classes by the average age of the students, or by the students’ gender. There are schools that have a ‘come-one-come-all’ policy, and those that have a narrower class focus. You will find that the more specific a school is in its instruction criteria, the higher the quality of your learning experience, as you will benefit from learning in an appropriate age setting (whether adult or child), and in a gender-specific group.

Airline Credit Card – Who Needs Them?


An airline credit card is one which rewards purchases with air travel miles or points which can be redeemed for them. Airline credit cards ideally fit a certain user profile. Typically users of airline cards are financially well off and travel frequently. But who else needs them?

Ideal Airline Credit Card User Checklist

Before deciding to go for an airline credit card you should check your credit history. If it is perfect or almost perfect, you can check off one of the requirements of the ideal airline credit card user checklist. If you pay your credit card debt on time, you fulfill the second requirement of the checklist. It is also important that your debts on other credit cards and other bills are paid one time. You are a big spender, and spend it through your airline card. Most importantly, the travel miles are useful or important to you.

Reasons for the Airline Card Checklist

Airline cards usually charge higher interest than ordinary cards. If you are not timely in your credit payments, you incur a lot of interest. Also if you do not have excellent credit ratings, you fall into a higher interest bracket and do not qualify for the lower APR credit cards. This makes airline cards very expensive to own. It is also important to pay other debts regularly, since the rules link you credit ratings across debts. What this means is, if you have a bad credit rating in relation to another credit card you own, it affects your credit rating in the airline credit card and you may have to pay a higher rate of interest.

If you are not a big spender and do not spend much through your airline card you will not earn enough miles to travel by air for a long time. If travel isn’t interesting to you or is not incidental to your line of work, you may be better off looking for a low APR credit card.

If you do purchase an airline credit card, make the most of it, by using it whenever you shop. Also use your airline miles at the first chance you get. It is better to use your airline miles for long flights to make the most of them. Airline cards are used best when they are redeemed for airline miles. It is generally not worth it to redeem your airline card on other products.

Airline cards vary greatly in terms of their bundle of offerings. There are different APR’s and differing credit requirements (but you must have good credit). Also some airline credit cards offer bonus air miles. Different annual fees are charged. Bank sponsored airline cards allow you to redeem your air miles through a number of airlines. With airline sponsored cards you have to patronize the issuing airline. An informed purchase of your airline credit card can lead to smart savings for some, and free holidays for others. Remember to combine the informed purchase with smart usage of your airline card. If you can choose and use your airline credit card wisely, the only negative effect you can expect is jet lag.


For your Next Adventure try Tulum Mexico

by Gyronzi Demian

When a person is deciding to take a trip to a place like Tulum, they will be pleasantly surprised at the feeling of serenity they will feel from the moment they arrive. They will find that it has so many great places to find relaxation and they will love going to this small town on vacation.

Tulum offers visitors a wide range of vacation activities. Among these you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of its many gorgeous and popular parks such as the Xel-Ha, X caret and Sian Ka’an. Each has a natural beauty that is unrivaled anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in swimming or in learning how to snorkel you will find that that is one of the advantages of a place that is loaded with beaches. For the person who plans to spend the whole vacation being lazy, the Yucatecan hammocks offer them long hours of napping under one of the trees in the coconut tree groves. In both places in this small town in Rivera Maya lovers find romance and families find adventure.

When you are there in Tulum Mexico you will notice that this place seems to be stopped in time, though you will have the advantages of having modern conveniences such as internet service and telephones. In addition, you will find inexpensive and comfortable hotel rooms and delicious food at one of the many restaurants.

In addition, to enjoying the hotels that they offer; a person can stay in one of the luxury Cabanas, Condos, and apartments that are beautiful and well maintained. There are many places to stay that offer you ocean front, close to the beach living, where you and your lover can take long, romantic walks along the many beaches that will be close to you.

Another attraction of Tulum is that it is located on a cliff which gives you an outstanding view of the Caribbean Ocean. One of the features is the El Castillo, which is one of the highest buildings and one of the many places to study the past.

Tulum Mexico is a popular place for archeologists to come and study history. The ruins offer many a look at a past while its natural beauty offers them the serenity they are looking for. You will feel like you have entered one of the most relaxing of environments that you will love to explore.

If you want to visit Tulum Mexico the best way to get there is to land in Cancun International Airport, from there you can rent a car or take the cab. It is about an hour and half drive from the Airport. Tulum is located 130 km. (84 miles) south of Cancun, just take the main highway to the Riviera Maya, it is a very nice four lane highway and it is always kept in great conditions, it runs to Playa del Carmen and from there two lanes continue all the way to Tulum.

How to Choose the Right Ski Gear

Want to enjoy the skiing season? It all depends on the type of ski gearyou select. Just as hiking boots which are more robust and useful when you use them on trails but quite useless and ridiculous even if you were to wear them to a party, so also ski gear has to be suitable to the purpose you have in mind for it to be of any use.Of course, you need skis. Beside that, you also need ski goggles, ski jackets, ski hats and ski gloves.

Ski gloves: Every seasoned skier knows that much of the body heat is lost through the extremities. Ski gloves keep your hands warm and dry. Do not compromise on the quality of these gloves. They must be well insulated and water proof. At the same time, they must allow enough ventilation. Leather ski gloves are particularly strong and waterproof. They also last longer. But these are expensive. So, if you decide to give leather gloves a miss, at the very least, your gloves must have leather seams. Mittens are a good choice but they may pose grip problems. In either case, gloves or mittens must carry elastic wrist welts and overlapping cuffs with Velcro.

Ski goggles: When you’re cruising across slopes laden with snow, proper vision could be a matter of life and death. Regular ski goggles are good for those people who do not wear any kind of protective eyeglasses. In case you wear eye glasses, your ski goggles must fit snugly over the glasses. Yellow or brown tints are helpful because they help you see contours better. Your goggles should fit snugly over the helmet so they can rest over the helmet comfortably. Adjustment straps are a must.

Ski helmets: Comfort and safety are the main things to look out for when selecting ski helmets because they can save your neck, literally. Besides, fashionable helmets make you look cool and sleek. Select helmets that have snug interiors. That will keep you warm and dry. Adjustable ventilation allows you to regulate the temperature. Adjustable straps are another wonderful feature.

Ski jackets: Ski jackets stand between you and the elements. So they had better be good if you want to enjoy your skiing. The most important features of ski jackets are waterproofing and ventilation. If you are on a tight budget, you could look for ski jackets that are only taped at critical seams. However, to be well and truly dry and warm, you must select a jacket that has all its seams taped. Ventilation is important because skiing can make you lose up to half a liter or more of liquid every day. If the jacket does not release moisture, then this moisture can condense within the jacket, making you feel cold and wet. Combining ventilation with waterproofing is the tricky bit and this is what decides the quality of the jacket you select. Ski jackets must have a base layer to keep the moisture out and an outside layer for letting out moisture. Jackets with hoods, pockets and stretch panels are helpful.

Ski gear has to keep you comfortable, dry and safe. Of course, if you are in a mood to splurge, there is no limit to what you can buy. But, if you are counting your dollars, then you need to buy those items that are most important and will give you maximum skiing pleasure.

Biggest Attraction in Lesotho is Hiking

Lesotho is a land locked country, entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.Lesothos formidable terrain is created by the sheer walls of the Drakensberg and Maluti mountains, which give sanctuary to a unique developing nation.

The friendly Basotho are one of the few mountain peoples in Africa and have developed a rich culture, often in isolated villages.

The entire country of Lesotho lies 1000m above sea level and boasts Thabana Ntlenyana, at 3482m, the highest peak in Africa south of Kilimanjaro.

Winter in Lesotho is from June to August, September to April is spring and summer with beautiful warm sunny days and occasional rain. Lesotho boasts 299 sunny days per year.

Maseru is the main centre for anything and everything you need to buy, exchange, post or dial. It is the only place you will find banks to exchange foreign money and travellers cheques.

There are no trains to or in Lesotho, so your best bet would be by bus and private vehicle. Before setting out, seek advice from the locals or police station with regard to gravel road conditions.

Without doubt the biggest attraction in Lesotho is hiking.

For bird watching enthusiast, Lesotho is renowned for its large raptor population, including the Cape Vulture, the rare Bearded Vulture, the Steppe Buzzard and the Black Eagle.

Pony trekking is recommended, with the main centres the Basotho Trekking Centre on God Help Me pass, and Malealea Lodge near the Gates of Paradise.

You can start the arduous trek to Thabana Ntlenyana, Southern Africas highest peak, on horseback. The road is suited to 4×4, but weather permitting, you could get up in a 4×2 vehicle. A friendly bar at the top will crown your sense of achievement at having scaled the dramatic pass. Youll feel on top of the world.

There are a few budget accommodation options here too. Lesotho has a wide range of standards when it comes to places to stay from five star hotels and first class luxury lodges, to rustic bush camps, guesthouses, backpackers and campsites.

The tourism sector is one industry which stands to benefit. The tourism industry is being actively promoted by LNDC and a number of hotels, mountain lodges and a national park have been developed in recent years. It is marketed as a haven for those who enjoy back to nature adventures with a wide range of activities offered. The majestic beauty of its rugged mountains and has the simple way of life.