Beaver Creek Ski Rentals – Tips and Info

The Beaver Creek Ski Resort is known for its combination of immaculately groomed corduroy while also providing skiers with challenging mogul runs, tight tree skiing and the World Cup terrain of Birds of Prey. With this variety of terrain, it is important that you get the right Beaver Creek ski rentals for your Colorado vacation. Read information about skis, boots, poles, and snowboarding equipment for Beaver Creek Resort.
Beaver Creek Ski Rentals

The Villages at Beaver Creek are home to a dozen or so ski shops. All these ski shops cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. What most visitors do is rent their Beaver Creek ski gear online so when they show up, all their information is previously filled out. This saves a lot of time and money.

Here are some tips for renting Beaver Creek ski gear.

First, when selecting Beaver

Creek ski rentals and equipment, you need to sort out what type of terrain you will be skiing. Are you planning on carving up the blue and green runs, or do you want to duck into the trees for some glade skiing? You also need to factor in the current conditions. Beaver Creek gets a lot of snow so chances are you will experience a powder day or two. These factors will determine a number of things when it comes to fitting your gear.

As most avid skiers know, today’s equipment is far superior to yesterdays gear. With the advancement in technology, your choices for ski and snowboard gear can seem overwhelming. Here are some more fitting tips for Beaver Creek ski rentals.

Ski and Snowboard Boots

In order to rip up the terrain of the Birds of Prey, it is imperative to rent boots that support your feet securely. You want to prevent having what is known as sloppy feet. Sloppy feet happens when there is too much room in your boots which will lesson the amount of “feel” you have with your skis or snowboard. This will maximize your sensitivity to the terrain and increase your control.

Ski rental shops in Beaver Creek, Colorado will provide poles if you rent skis and boots. The ideal pole size changes with what type of terrain you prefer to ski. If you’re a competent skier on groomed terrain then you need to get a standard sized pole. You can measure what size pole you need by turning the ski pole upside down and grabbing directly under the basket. If the pole is correctly fitted, you’re arm should be bent at a 90 degree angle.

On the other hand, if you enjoy challenging the bumps of Grouse Mountain, then make sure you get smaller poles so you can plant correctly while bashing those bumps. Get the poles to long and planting on the mogul will push your shoulders back which will cause you to either be kicked to the back seat or redirect your skis. Since you want your upper body to be “quiet”, short poles will enable you to simply flick the top of the mogul while skiing through the line.

Common Ski Equipment Rental Questions

1)What size skis should I get?

Ski lengths will depend on your current skiing ability. If your standing up, ideal ski lengths for beginner to intermediate skiers tend to fall anywhere between your upper chest and nose. For advanced skiers who tend to seek powder stashes, skis are generally longer to support their body weight while in the deep snow.

2)What’s up with Powder Skis vs. Groomer Skis?

Getting knee deep in powder off the Larkspur or Rose Bowl is what a ski vacation to Beaver Creek is all about. In order to ski powder, it is essential you have skis wide enough to carry you on top of the snow. If you are on narrow racing skis, you will tend to sink too deep. On the other hand, if you’re into carving flawless turns in Colorado corduroy, then you need to rent skis that are a little narrower which will hold the line tighter while leaning into your turns.

3)What does is the hour glass parabolic ski mean?

Parabolic skis have revolutionized the ski industry. They have enabled beginner skiers to advance to intermediate while intermediate skiers have enjoyed tackling advanced terrain. Basically, parabolic skis enable for quick edge to edge turning radius. Simply pivot your knees, put the skis on edge, and they do the rest of the work for you.

4)What’s the difference between a flexible vs. stiff ski

Stiff skis are great for holding an edge on hard packed snow. They also allow a skier to ski faster without the skis from loosing an edge. Flexible skis are great for blasting through the crud and blazing over moguls.

Languedoc Roussillon France Is Diverse

Visiting the Languedoc Roussillon France is something everyone should experience just once in their lifetime. It’s a fascinating place with a diversity and history that’s hard to match up against. It boast of 26 regions with five departments. It’s bordered on the side by Andorra and Spain, and also the Mediterranean. Then the other side is marked off by the Midi-Pyrenees, the Auvergne, the Rhone-Alpes, and the Provenc-Alpes-Cote. It’s a treasure trove of diversity just from its layout alone.

It’s flag is seen displaying the ‘cross of Languedoc’ and the ‘flag of Roussillon’ as well. These are now only represented by colors of Red and yellow as a new flag is waved without referring back to the old provinces. These colors represent languedoc along with all its old territories that sprout from what was formerly the ‘Crown of Aragon’.

This French region has been well known for its winemaking for many centuries. It’s vineyards span out across 740, 300 acres, tripling the amount of area covered by the Bordeau. It took some entrepreneurs like Robert Skalli and James Herrick to transform it into a more viable wine country. They accomplished this by planting grapes better suited for winemaking and then petitioning for new AOC classifications.

Often called ‘France’s Sunbelt’, this region lays out between the mountains of the Pyrennees and the Massif mountains. It holds 150 miles of curved coastline that is home to the most beautiful beaches known to France. The word itself, Languedoc, stems from the spoken tongue from back in the 13th century of France.

If you find yourself a visitor in Languedoc Roussillon, you’ll find there is no lack or want for things to do. Neither is there a lack for things to see. If you are into nudity and enjoying unspoiled beaches, then you’ve landed at a great spot. If wine and architecture fuel your interests, your trip won’t be wasted here.

Diversity is Languedoc Roussillon France indeed. It has many treasures in history, scenic views, and points of interest that many are usually quite surprised to find out. They leave with a sense of ‘why haven’t I heard all this before’. It’s been quietly lying there with open arms with anyone who has the good taste to check it out.

Much Ado About Hotel Ratings


For some people, a five-star hotel would mean a luxurious bed, high-end toiletries (preferably the brand names also patronized by celebrities), and large towels. For others, it would mean having at least 200 TV channels, CD and DVD players, and high-speed internet access. While these factors are taken into consideration in hotel ratings, things are not quite as comfortably standardized as we would like them to be.

A hotel rated as a four-star by one online travel guide could turn out to be a dud when it comes to 24-hour service or wireless internet connection. And it could just as well be rated as a mere three-star by another travel site. On the other hand, a one-star hotel could offer charming accommodation with a helpful staff and adequate amenities all for a much cheaper rate.

So why the disparity in hotel ratings? The answer lies in the varying criteria used by different agencies. There simply isn’t a standard rating system that is applied universally. Hotel ratings also vary according to each country and/or city. In European countries, the star ratings are usually given by local governments and private agencies and may include such extraneous factors (as far as the customer is concerned anyway) as the amount of tax that a particular hotel pays. In France, the government-sanctioned rating system only gives a maximum of four stars, that’s for a luxury hotel, and a minimum of one star for a modest inn. Hotels are judged according to room size, amenities, plumbing, renovations, elevators, dining options, etc. Germany and other Scandinavian countries adhere to the one- to five-star scale and the ratings are only valid for a period of three years, after which hotels must undergo another round of inspection.

In the United Kingdom, steps were taken to produce a more uniform hotel rating system and a complete standardization is aimed for by 2008. All grading agencies are expected to adhere to the criteria called the National Quality Assurance Standards, which follows the five-star system and further categorizes hotels into full service formal accommodations, country houses, small hotels, town houses, and metro hotels. Some of the basis for scoring the accommodations are cleanliness and housekeeping, service, common rooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, food quality, safety and security, interior and exterior design, and maintenance.

Hotels in Latin America are also rated according to government-sanctioned rankings. The ratings range from zero to five stars although in some countries such as Mexico, six stars may given to ultra-luxury hotels (read: personal butler, private pool, and limousine or even helicopter service). Unfortunately, these government ratings are often not reviewed periodically so a hotel may still retain a four-star grade and yet deteriorate in quality.

Asian hotels are just as diversely rated as in other continents. In China, the government gives the ratings and includes the English-speaking capabilities of hotel staff in its criteria. In Hong Kong, meanwhile, hotels are grouped according to their respective tariff brackets. Singapore also follows the star-rating system while in the Middle East, two hotels defied standard grading and declared themselves as seven-star accommodations. The first one to do so is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai which currently holds the record as the world’s tallest hotel and is constructed on its own private artificial island. The other one is The Centaurus in Islamabad, Pakistan which is still under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2010. Hotels in Asia generally have a higher staff-to-guest ratio compared with their counterparts in Europe and North America due to lower labor costs.

In the United States, one of the most popular grading body is the American Automobile Association which employs diamonds to express its ratings instead of stars. Its hotel ratings are based on management style, exterior and interior appearance, furnishing and fixtures, security, service and maintenance, ambiance, and supplies. Hotel booking websites and online travel guides also have their own ratings. The more popular ones are, Expedia,,, Travelocity, Priceline, Travelweb, and Orbitz.

Though considerably confusing, hotel ratings still function as a guide for travelers and vacationers. They provide an overview of a hotel’s amenities as well as its price range. When combined with other helpful information and a little common sense, these grading systems enable customers to make intelligent hotel booking decisions.

How to Buy Cheap International Air Tickets

air tickets
Prospect of traveling overseas and exploring the unfamiliar destinations can be both gratifying and courageous for anyone. However, the luxurious airline tickets can obliterate the considered budget thereby robbing you of your hard earned money. With a little forethought and consideration, you can get the impressive line up of the great places without fearing about breaking the bank. I will give you tips on how can you travel without breaking your bank accounts.

Embarking on the following key tips can get you the most out of the money invested. Sounds great! Isn’t it? Reading correspondents regularly will keep you updated with fair information about the promotional airfares from known airlines. Newly start up airline companies can get you an equally good deal. Few beneficial tips are: –

1.    If you will also need a hotel at your destination, booking a package vacation can save you money on both.

2.    The more flexible you are about when you travel, the more likely you are to find a cheap flight ticket.

3.    Purchasing air tickets from airline consolidators will save you a good amount of your hard earned money.

4.    Book your airline tickets in advance for cheaper and aggravate free travel.

5.    Checkout various travel websites as they offer cheap airline tickets along with other benefits.

Many airline companies offer gift vouchers and a hotel room at discount along with the airline tickets. They are the part of different travel packages offered by airline companies challenging powerfully for the customers. This essentially helps you to save your money in other areas.

Being bendable regarding schedules of the flight will help you to find your cost-effective flight tickets. Indeed, the weekdays like Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Saturdays are counted as the cheapest days to fly on. Heading on to late night flights, early morning flights, and the flights with a single stop generally fall under the category of the discounted airfares. If you are able to leave on Thursday and return on Monday you will often get better prices than if you fly Friday to Sunday.

Many travelers are well familiar of the reimbursement of purchasing air tickets from airline consolidators. They are the people who can help you to save loads of dollars on your airline tickets. Airline consolidators have accepted alliances and serve as a source for discount airline tickets offering savings over tickets bought from the airlines. They provide the customers with booking engine on their websites. This simplifies sequence of researching and booking the flights online for both regulars and new travelers. At times, in case of cancelled air tickets and delay in escape, airline consolidators may deny you the refunds and exchanges.

Whenever possible, get your air tickets in advance by reserving it few days ahead. Not only can this help you to save quite a bit of money but ensure availability of seats for the exact dates and times. Making an allowance for the time of year is next step to your savings on airfares. Summer season and coldness holidays attract visitors. This is because, they are known to be peak travel periods and getting the discount airline tickets during these times can be really tough. As such, holiday ‘blackout periods’ can avoid you from bringing your frequent flier miles into use. Contrary to this, flying in the months like January, end of February, April through May, and mid September can get you better rates.

The Magnificent Ski Areas in Colorado

Winter sports lovers, particularly skiing enthusiasts are guaranteed to find the ski areas in the State of Colorado the perfect place for practicing their hobby. Renowned for the variety of its properly equipped, competitive ski resorts and its magnificent snowy slopes, the State of Colorado draws thousands of tourists in search of fun, excitement and adrenaline each year.Persons who choose ski areas in Colorado are often overwhelmed by the imposing, colossal figures of the snowy mountains and the breathtaking, wild landscapes found in the State. Ski resorts in Colorado greatly vary in terms of geographical location, accessibility and amenities, but they all share the same characteristic: vast, beautiful slopes, equally suitable for novice and experienced skiers, as well as other winter sports fans. For the regular tourist and the passionate with skiing, Colorado ski resorts often seem like heaven on Earth.

Ski areas in Colorado include popular names, such as Aspen, Snowmass, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Wolf Creek, Eldora and Steamboat, to name only a few. Together, these Colorado ski areas offer people unlimited access to a variety of welcoming slopes, impressive through their high altitudes, very long distances covered and impeccable quality.

Two of the most popular and appreciated ski resorts in Colorado are, undoubtedly, Aspen and Snowmass. Aspen is located in Pitkin County, very close to the city of Aspen. The ski resort is flanked by the imposing Aspen Mountain to the North and Bell Mountain to the South. Although Aspen is a relatively small ski area compared to other ski areas, (Snowmass, for instance) it compensates for that through its impressive elevation, (2422m at the base and 3417m at the top) its stunning landscapes and of its smooth, high-quality ski slopes. Comprising around 3000 acres, Snowmass is another popular ski area in Colorado. Snowmass is renowned for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and extensive ski-in / ski-out lodging and combines accessible, novice slopes with challenging, extreme skiing terrain. These characteristics render Snowmass suitable for both experienced and aspiring skiers.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in Summit County is also a resonant name among the community of skiers. Copper Mountain Ski Resort corroborates impressive elevation (2960m at the base and 3753 at the top) with very diverse ski terrains, ranging from beginner to expert level. Beaver Creek (common host of Alpine Skiing World Cup events), Vail (the sister resort of Beaver Creek), Breckenridge (popular for its progressive-difficulty slopes on the Rocky Mountains), Wolf Creek (renowned for the impressive amounts of snow found in the region) and Keystone (famous for its nocturnal activity both on and off the slopes) are also prominent, worth-mentioning ski areas in Colorado.

Persons who have been to these wonderful places and have tested the impressive slopes found in these regions became regular customers for the local ski resorts. The polyvalent nature of the ski resorts in Colorado renders these places perfectly suitable for amateur and professional skiers, other winter sports enthusiasts and tourists in search of fun and excitement. If you haven’t yet discovered the beauty of the ski areas in Colorado, you should definitely include these places on your holiday destination list in order to have a remarkable, unforgettable experience!