Avoiding Snakes When Hiking

Many individuals when encouraged to go hiking express a fear of snakes and this fear keeps them from experiencing the beauty of our natural world. The fear of snakes is an exaggerated concern and by following some simple rules most persons will never have any threatening experiences with snakes.When hiking, you should not go barefooted or in sandals but wear hiking boots or heavy walking shoes, along with long pants of a heavy material such as denim. These provide foot protection against bites from snakes and also protect against insect bites, scorpion stings and cuts from sharp stones. Coral snakes for example have small fangs that are usually unable to penetrate the fabric of a boot.

When walking through heavy brush or tall grass look down, look where you are walking. Very often poisonous snakes are lying on the forest floor among the leaf litter and so by looking down you will be able to see them and avoid accidentally stepping on or next to them. The beauty of our natural world often captivates us and so there is a tendency to look at the scenery as we walk. When hiking it is better to stop and look around to admire the beauty of nature, rather than walk and gaze around. One should always look at the trail while walking.

Fallen trees or logs across the trail are a common occurrence when hiking in the forest. Most persons simply step across the fallen tree, however depending upon the size of the log it may not be possible to immediately see on the other side of the log when you are approaching the log. It should be remembered that snakes often lie below fallen logs. The more appropriate method is to step on the log, look to see if there is a snake lying on the other side and then step down.

Depending upon how strenuous the hike is, there will be intervals when you stop to rest. The natural inclination for most persons on a rest break is to sit and fallen trees are an inviting location for resting weary bodies. Do not sit down without first checking the area and especially do not lean on fallen trees or rocks without first checking them well.

Snakes and scorpions often lie in hollow logs or in rock crevices therefore you should avoid thrusting your hands into dark places such as hollow logs, under logs or rock crevices without first thoroughly investigating the place. Similarly before you place your hand to pick up an object from a place that may be a resting place for a snake, such as under bushes, among leaves, rocks or logs, you should check the area first. It is a good idea to hike with a long stick that can be used to probe among rocks and under logs.

If your hiking trip involves overnight camping you should not leave your boots outside of your tent at night because snakes may crawl into them to escape from the cold. Alternatively you can place two poles in the ground and hang the boots upside down on the poles. Before putting on your boots you should turn the boots upside down and shake them to ensure that no snakes or scorpions have crawled into the boots.

Never attempt to pick up a snake unless you are an expert. Even freshly killed snakes can still bite as their nervous system may be still active and so their head may do a reflex bite.

If in the unfortunate circumstance an individual is bitten by a snake you should always treat the situation as if the bite is from a poisonous snake because the individual who was bitten may not have seen the snake or be able to identify the type of snake. Usually with bites from a viper there is pain and swelling around the area of the bite, however in the case of the coral snake often there is very little reaction around the bite area and symptoms may not appear for 8 to 24 hours.

The individual who was bitten should be made to lie down and kept still. The objective is to lower the pulse rate and so slow the spread of the venom. Ice should be placed on the bitten area if possible. The individual should then be transported to the nearest source of medical attention. You should never attempt to suck the poison out of the area as you may poison yourself.

By following these simple rules most individuals will never have to worry about being bitten by a poisonous snake.

Packing Tips for Coping With Airlines’ New Carry-on Restrictions

travel packing tips
Flying can be confusing these days, with rules and regulations that seem to change on an almost daily basis. If you are flying, one of your most important concerns is the weight and size of your carry on bag, as well as what is allowed on board and which items are prohibited. Knowing what is allowed on a carry on is important because it can help you save time at the airport.

One reason that the carry on policy is confusing is that it not only varies by airline, it can vary depending on your destination. Whether you are in first class or not also influences what is allowed in your carry on. The Association of Flight Attendants has been campaigning for some time for a consistent carry on bag rule, but to no avail. The best advice is to carefully check your airline’s website for their rules and if something is not clear, call them. You should also check with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) before you travel, for the most up to date information.

In general, most airlines still allow you to take one carry on bag as well as what they call a personal item. These items include a backpack, purse, laptop or camera. The maximum allowable size of your carry on bag can vary, but as a rule of thumb, it has to be able to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment. The maximum weight limit on the carry on bag is usually around 40 pounds; the maximum size usually around 45 linear inches. This is defined as length, height and width added together.

There is not really a clearly defined size or weight limit on the personal items. Some passengers see it as a way to take two carryon bags, but unfortunately, this limits the available storage space in the overhead bins for everybody else. At least one airline has taken steps in an effort to enforce the carry on policy. In early 2008, Delta announced that they would label all carry on items for international flights with a tag indicating that they had been approved to carry on board the flight.

Many passengers are still understandably confused over the rules concerning liquids in their carryon bag. You are still allowed to bring liquids onto the plane with you, but they must all be in containers holding 3 ounces or less. All of the containers must be able to fit inside a one-quart size Ziploc type bag. The definition of a liquid includes creams, lotions, gels and shampoos (you can only take a drink on board the plane with you if it was purchased after you passed through security).

The plastic bag then has to be passed through the X-ray screening device separately. If you have liquids in larger containers or too many containers to fit in the one plastic bag, you may have to put them in your checked luggage. Exempt from this 3-ounce rule are baby formula and medication and if you do carry on medication, it should be in the original labeled container. It is also a good idea to take a prescription or doctor’s note, just in case you are asked for it.

So what should you pack in your carryon bag? It is a good idea to have all your essentials in your carryon bag in case of delays or the airline losing your checked bag. In

your carryon bag, you should include your prescriptions, basic toiletries, plane tickets, passport and any other important paperwork. A change of clothing is also a good idea. Some experienced travelers only pack a carry on and do not bother to check a bag. This saves time and eliminates the possibility of the airline losing their checked bag.

The importance of packing lightly and efficiently cannot be stressed enough and many airlines are flying smaller planes on their routes, which mean overcrowded flights and less carry on space.

Packing a carryon bag can be a difficult task due to the laws that seem to change regularly. The best way to ensure a stress free flight is to research your airline ahead of time because the airline should have their rules available. This allows you to know exactly what is allowed. The basics of packing a carryon bag include remembering that liquids have to be in a 3oz bottle. It is also a good idea to pack clothing, necessities such as medication, a passport and other important documents. Many problems can occur with checked luggage and it can sometimes become lost. This is the most important reason for including your most valuable items in the carryon bag. Consider these tips next time you are planning a flight, but you should also check with your airline.

5 Ways To Identify Diplomatic Passport Scams.

by Robert Moore

As more and more wealthy individuals are now interested in obtaining a diplomatic passport, several companies on the internet claim that they help you in achieving a diplomatic position in some country of your choice. You have to get the service from legitimate companies like www.right-way.net that provide legal services to help you get diplomatic immunity.

You can’t get a diplomatic passport in just 2 weeks. At www.right-way.net, it takes about a month to analyze your documents, arrange meetings with officials to prepare you for the passport. If some company says you will get a passport within 15 days, run away from the company.

Contacting the company providing legal services for diplomatic passport is important. www.right-way.net has a legitimate team of real persons who are interested in providing services required by the clients. You can talk to them and you may have to travel at least once to meet them.

There is no way to get legitimate diplomatic passport without traveling to the host country. You must be insane to believe that a country offers diplomatic immunity and honorary consul position to some stranger without even meeting him in person.

You have to pay a decent sum of money to right-way.net to get a diplomatic passport. To be appointed as an honorary consul or ambassador of a country, you must be ready to pay the price that the country demands. Further, depending on your diplomatic position, your cost varies. In order to become an ambassador and get diplomatic immunity, you certainly have to pay more.

Many companies guarantee to be with you to reach honorary consul position you require. However, it is not true that every applicant can get a diplomatic passport. Ambassador position is not for sale and the governments will ensure that only dignified persons are elected for the post. If any company guarantees you a post in some government, then beware, they might be scams.

Obtaining diplomatic position certainly incurs a large amount of money. If you are not out of your brain, you must not trust all service providers. You have to investigate about the company and ensure that the company has association with a law firm.

You should do a thorough research about the company issuing you a diplomatic passport before risking your money as illegitimate second passports may cause so many legal problems later.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a domestic American carrier whose hub of operations is located in Denver, Colorado. This is an airline that has for many years provided travelers with a great and affordable option for air travel.Operations of this airline are reserved for flights west of the Mississippi. This means that it serves destinations in the southwest, northwest and west coast of the United States.

Some of the cities serves are Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas Nevada just to mention a few.  As a result of this, you find that travelers have an option of multiple flights to pick from when they are traveling. The numbers of flights available, makes last minute travel, and generally travel between these connected cities much cheaper for the consumers.

In addition to the domestic routes offered, Frontier Airlines also offers short haul international flights to some holiday destinations in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco and Cancun. This airline also offers great in flight entertainment to travelers. Their aircraft have a link to live satellite television, and for this, passengers have to pay a low cost of five dollars if they want to watch. They offer snacks and drinks on board with an option to buy alcoholic drinks for just about five dollars also.

The Frontier airlines have a website where travelers can make arrangements to travel. They can book their tickets, as well as see packages available for the destinations they are traveling to. Their website also has a section where customers can leave positive or negative reviews, suggestions and ideas. The airline works on these reviews in a bid to make their airline the best there is.

Skiing in Utah

Utah is a great place to take a skiing vacation, regardless of your skiing abilities or experience.  With a number of world class ski resorts, Utah boasts some of North America’s best skiing, and prides itself on having ‘the best snow on earth’.  But don’t take my word for it – get out there and experience the magic of skiing in Utah for yourself!  With such high quality resorts, and truly amazing snow coverage and texture, Utah is an excellent location for your skiing vacation.

If you’re looking for a choice of resorts, but you don’t want to venture too far from home, Utah is definitely the place for you.  Its fine, powdery snow can be experienced through most of the year, and you’d be simply mad not to visit Utah at some point if you’re a skiing enthusiast like me.  One of the premier resorts in Utah is the Deer Valley Resort.  In 2005, Ski Magazine voted Deer Valley as the best resort in the whole of North America, and it is easy to see why.  The sheer quality of skiing to be had, combined with the breathtaking surrounding and facilities that are second to none, makes Deer Valley a connoisseurs choice.  And what’s better, it feels a million miles away, yet it is only a short difference from the bustle of Salt Lake City.  The resort itself has over 20 ski lifts to ensure queues are kept to an absolute minimum, and it is more than reasonably priced for the quality of the skiing.

Another of Utah’s most cherished resorts is Powder Mountain.  The haunt of the local skiers, Powder Mountain is relatively undiscovered in comparison to the other resorts, although it is just as good in terms of facilities.  In fact, it is thought to be one of the best resorts if you are looking for value for money, and with an ideal climate, it really is the perfect place to host your skiing vacation.  With only 7 ski lifts, Powder Mountain is a much smaller ski resort, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good!  If anything, you are likely to benefit from fewer skiers, meaning you have more slope to yourself!  Powder Mountain is famous for its atmosphere, which just smacks of traditional Utah spirit and friendliness.  And that’s not to mention its impressive dedicated skiing school, which provides lessons from some of the state’s most experienced skiing experts, all at very reasonable prices. With nightly grooming, and slopes available to meet all ability standards, Powder Mountain has certainly earned its reputation as a world class ski resort without the crowds, and is truly one of Utah’s best kept secrets.

So if you are looking for a great skiing vacation to go with you family, or if you are looking for somewhere to hone your skills, you really couldn’t do better than Utah.  Combining both world class accommodation and restaurants, with perfect natural skiing conditions, Utah is perceived as one of America’s best skiing states, and it is easy to see why with it’s beautiful, thick, powder snow. With its depth and quality of resorts, there’s something for everyone, and you will be sure to enjoy your vacation, like the millions of enthusiasts before you, that have chosen Utah for their skiing break.