Your Ultimate Beach Holiday

This morning I had to rise from bed and head down to Coolangatta Beach. A surfboard rental client of mine was getting an early start on the day and needed a minimal and a short board scooped before checking out. So I went to do just that, getting to Cooly just before 7am.

On Australia’s Gold Coast, Coolangatta is about 30 minutes drive south of Surfers Paradise and like Surfers Paradise, has been made famous by some of the world class surf breaks in the area. Surfers Paradise at the north end of the Gold Coast hosts the Goldy’s best beach breaks, the waves form on a shifting sand based ocean floor, picking up lots of swell.

Unlike Surfer’s Paradise, Coolongatta farther south, is renowned for its point breaks at sites such as Greenmount, Kirra and Snapper Rocks. Though they lack the significant swell of the northern beaches, these point breaks surely offer the best waves in the region. The waves simply do not stop bending around the points on the good days. When fatigued and tired, a surfer can simply kick off a wave instead of it abruptly ending.

That’s not the case this morning however. Upon arrival, the waves stood at less than one foot tall and nice and clean, though without a hint of wind. Having scooped the surfboard rentals I stopped in for a bite to eat at a pleasant little cafe with the idea of observing what our beaches are like when there is no surfing to be done.

Shortly into this observational activity it dawned on me just why the Gold Coast, in Queensland state in the north of the country, is one of the hottest beach destinations in the world. At this early hour the activity on the beach front was already moving at a good pace with plenty of folks out enjoying the conditions: of course, with the water at 24 and the air at 26 they didn’t need much cajoling. In such conditions, who wouldn’t want to be hitting the beach for the day?!

In the water, there are a couple of Polynesian style surfers out, with those big stand up boards and paddle, enjoying the tame conditions with a couple of long boarders. Also, there were a handful of swimmers swimming between the flags, trying to catch a little breaker on the shore edge.

Coolangatta is graced with an impressive 50 meters of perfectly golden sand as the average beach width, the perfect scenario for the many women working on their tans in their bikinis (even at a little past 7 in the morning!). Comically, I find that the ones out tanning so early are usually the ones wrapping up their vacation, desperate to reach that next shade of bronze before going back to the office job at home.

Small groups of runners and cyclists whiz past on the designated park tracks, some early morning exercise. And far out in the ocean, there is a school of whales making quite a splash on their migrations, much to the amazement of many passersby.

All of this passes before my eyes and ears as I enjoy my latte and eggs benedict which a charming waitress has served me. As one of the locals here, it’s such a privilege to be able to constantly enjoy such scenarios–which others fly from the other side of the planet to take in. Hopefully you’ll become one of those many visitors to our area, as there is really no better place to go!