Worldwide Travel Insurance Protection Overview

For those who travel overseas for extended periods of time, or for non-US citizens who spend time in the US, it’s important consider what type of health insurance is needed prior to traveling. Despite what many people believe, if you are traveling for at least six months at a time, you may not be covered by the same health insurance you have in your home country while traveling abroad.

Travelers should consider purchasing an international travel health insurance plan before leaving home, whether they are traveling for business or for pleasure. No matter where you travel, by protecting yourself and your family with international insurance, you can feel confident that you and your family will receive affordable, high-quality medical care.

Short term travel insurance plans typically only offer coverage for emergency care, while long term international health insurance also includes coverage for preventative care after a waiting period. With a long term plan, you can enjoy low-cost physician visits and reliable coverage for health screenings and medical care.

International travel health insurance plans, like those offered by Global Citizen, include a wide range of coverage with varying deductibles designed to match anyone’s budget and medical coverage needs. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, it’s important to be able to select a deductible that will meet your needs.

Worldwide travel insurance for long-term trips often includes coverage for care in the US and outside of the US for those who may return to their home county at times during their extended overseas stay. This allows the traveler to go back and forth seamlessly, without having to worry about any gaps in coverage.

International travel health insurance covers not only routine care, but also offers coverage for surgery, inpatient care, physical therapy and prescriptions. By having insurance that covers your medical needs outside of your home country, you can reduce your overall medical bills and save money during your trip.

To protect you and your family while traveling abroad, international travel health insurance plans offer affordable rates and many deductible options. You won’t have to worry about traveling back and forth between the US and your home country, you will be protected during your entire stay.

Be sure to consider the importance of purchasing a international travel insurance plan for you and your family when preparing for an extended stay in another country. No matter where you travel, protect yourself and stay healthy with affordable health insurance that allows to feel confident that your needs will be covered.