The world’s most romantic and exotic locations

by Paul Hockings

It is possible to enjoy many luxury holiday destinations where you can experience a variety of cultures. You can choose from many types of luxury holidays; family holidays, wine and food holidays, spa holidays, luxury accommodations, golf holidays, walking and hiking holidays, adventure holidays and skiing holidays.

Tailor made luxury holidays will be some of the most memorable trips you will ever take. It is possible to find holidays where you can chose the activities, accommodations, transportation and meals. You can take a completely inclusive trip or arrange it so you can have some freedom. The cost of the holidays will depend on what you include as well as the number of travelers in your group.

The south Pacific offers many adventures whether it is diving with sharks, visiting waterfalls, hiking in the rainforests, or relaxing on one of the many tropical beaches. You can visit many different islands in the South Pacific or you can chose to spend all of your time in one spot. The South Pacific is very popular and is a great holiday destination at anytime of the year.

You can enjoy top of the line accommodation and gourmet dining throughout Europe, in Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France and other countries. Each country is different and offers a variety of history, culture and other activities. Take the time to enjoy some of the world’s best wine or take a walk on one of the many pristine beaches in many of the countries that surround the Mediterranean ocean.

You can visit some of the world’s greatest and most fantastic spots in South America. You can see the tallest waterfall in the world, the world’s greatest river, the highest active volcano in the world and the world’s largest mountain range. It is possible to experience the complete range of seasons as South America spans both the southern and northern hemisphere. It is possible to go to the ski slopes and then spend some time on a tropical beach. You can also enjoy the clash or integration of European style cities with indigenous culture.

Some of the most popular destinations for luxury holidays in South America are Argentina, Brazil, Chilean Patagonia, Easter Islands, Bora Bora, Galapagos, Costa Rica, Ecuadorian Jungle, Machu Picchu, Peru, Panama, skiing in Chile, and Atacama Desert.

There is a lot of luxury travel available in Asia as the continent is the largest populated one in the world. As with South America you have a choice of both tropical and wintry destinations. See India with its youthful government and colorful life, visit the pristine beaches of the South Seas and some of the best jungle sin the world in Brunei, see the extensive history in China, enjoy Malaysia’s rainforests, beaches and tropical islands, and see the mix of tradition and commercialism in Thailand. You can also enjoy Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam and Bali.

See nature, as you never have before on an African safari. Take a safe and adventurous holiday only a fully escorted safari. Besides beholding the beauty of the desert you can enjoy time on the many beaches around Africa’s coast. You can enjoy the perfect accommodation to enjoy the warmth of Africa anytime of the year.