Why Zipline the Costa Rican Forest Canopy

by Daniel Q. Floyd

Wondering why take a Cloud Forest canopy tour? A zip lining tour through the canopy tour is an unforgettable and truly unique experience. If your looking for a way to see the tropics and have a blast this could be just what you’re looking for.

You can take your whole family along on your adventure. It’s an occasion that will surely be a treasured memory. Certainly, an unforgettable good time.

The beauty of the forest and the area is viewed in a way that is just not possible by any other method. Soaring through the air from tree to tree, you will be able to see things that only birds and maybe monkey’s get to see. From the height of the canopy platforms you’ll be able to witness the cloud forest life from a very unique perspective, not too many humans get to experience.

The Moneverde cloud forest canopy hosts a very site-specific, endemic, flora and fauna. Bromeliads and orchids, strange fungi, and lichen covered tree limbs are home-base to an array of migrating tropical birds and many exciting mammal species.

All of the tours have great instructors and guides to help you with your first experience with a Costa Rica zip lining tour. They will show you how to move from tree to tree in a safe way so that you are able to put your worries aside and just enjoy the ride.

A zip line tour through the cloud forest of Monteverde will probably be the most exciting family event you could plan for while in Costa Rica. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy and will probably go down in your family history as one of the crazier, unique experiences you enjoyed on your travels.