Where To Look For The Best Cheap Airfare Deals

by Joseph Stringer

Cheap airfare can be found by comparing prices from many different airlines. There are many websites that specialize in cheap airfare such as Farecast, Yahoo farechase, SideStep and kayak.

Some of the more traditional airfare discount search engines will provide you with many different options and different flights to help get you the best airfare deal. Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Cheaptickets are all good websites to find cheap airfare.

Much of this flexibility will depend on the days that you can travel as off days such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will have lower ticket prices then travelling on a Sunday or Friday. When searching for flights you should look over a range of days.

The time of your departure and arrival can also affect the price as red eyes that leave late at night and arrive early in the morning are the least expensive flights.

Departing in the middle of the day is also fairly cheap with departures first thing in the morning and late afternoon or early evening being the most expensive.

Where you fly from and to can also affect the ticket price. Many times flying from a large airport hub will be less expensive then a smaller regional airport. You do need to be careful as this is not true of all areas.

Travel agents may also be able to find you good deals on international fares as they will know of the current specials going on.

The best way to get cheap airfare is to fly during the off season. Going someplace tropical during the winter months will be expensive as everyone is looking to travel to a warmer climate. If you can wait for the spring or autumn then you will be able to find airfare for as much as half the price of the peak tickets. If you are a frequent traveller then you should take advantage of frequent flyer clubs, as you may eventually be able to receive a free ticket.