Where are The Golf Resorts in Mexico

Mexico is a Mecca for golf players. More and more people are choosing to go to Mexico golf resorts in order to relax and play their favorite sport. With breathtaking views and a sunny climate, Mexico is a dream and an ideal place for every golf enthusiast.

Considered as one of the top golf resorts in Mexico, the internationally acclaimed Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Gold Resort boasts of the scenic beauty that surrounds it.

Because Mexico is blessed with numerous beautiful beaches, the breathtaking Sea of Cortez and sunny climate, golf courses dot the place, creating a paradise for many golf enthusiasts.

There is also the Hilton Cancun Golf and Spa Resort, set amidst the beautiful beaches and pristine waters. What makes Mexico an ideal spot for golf resorts is not only its scenic view, but also its blend of the old and the new-for a country that is steeped in history, it is also a fast-paced one that ushers in modernity.

If you came to Mexico for the glittering view of the Pacific Ocean, the Grand Bay Hotel-Isla Navidad Resort will give you this, and more; be it a lagoon, beach or an ocean, set against a mountain backdrop, this resort offers it all.

The Bajamar Golf Resort, on the other hand, is a not-so-famous resort, which has been a favorite among those from California and even Arizona, for its holes that run directly along the ocean.

It is more of a quiet place where you can visit with a few friends, play golf and enjoy drinks. It is also relatively cheaper than many other Mexico golf resorts.

More and more developments are sprouting up all over the place, as more and more people discover the beauty of Mexico. Places like Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are the hotspots, each now with a high-end golf course.