Whales of Kodiak

Here is an Alaskan festival that is more on the focus for nature than anything else. The Whale Fest Kodiak.

The Whale Fest Kodiak is a week-long event that features the whales in their natural habitats. Commonly featured are the orca and the gray whales that pass through the small island of Kodiak, in Alaska. It’s more of a small scale festival, featuring several lectures about the whales, art shows and galleries, movie features, activities by the local schools and by the community as a whole.

The over all event actually lasts for ten days, in celebration of the migratory return of the whales from the Pacific Ocean to the waters of Alaska. The first inhabited stop is the island of Kodiak, off the gulf of Alaska. This is the height of whale-watching, and the visitors are not disappointed. A lot of the resident whales aren’t shy around the camera, and some do well with posing for them.

Admittedly, it is not the festival that draws the crowd in but the mammals themselves, as their population and their immense numbers are a rare thing up in the North. Most tourists consider whale-watching as the center of the festival, and the locals couldn’t digress with this fact. For after all, the festival started with the migratory routes of the whales.

This year, more events have been added to spice up the festival. Scientific lectures, music shows and games to public forums and debates; all focused to not only educate the guest, but to entertain as well. The festival also does well to bring income to the island of Kodiak. The community receives a lot of visitors on the event height of the festival.

The festival is also a good nexus for school goers, those who want to see marine action up-close. Most schools take their kids up north for this annual event.