Types of Skiing

Winter is coming! It’s time to brush off the summer sweat and get ready for winter sports vacations. There are many options to partake in snow-filled fun, but skiing is the perfect plan for a couple or family to enjoy together. Skiing is not as difficult as snowboarding, and it is fun for all family members. Not many people know that skiing has an ancient history as far back as 5,000 BC. It was developed in Norway, and the original use for skis was to assist hunters through the snow. The main creation of skis was not to use as a sport, but skis were a way for ancient Nordic people to travel through the thick, deep snow. Ancient Scandinavians also used skis for there military transport of food and weapons. The skis provided a convenient method to move food quickly to soldiers and warriors.

Fast forward to the present and thousands of years of skiing have propelled the once simple, traveling method into a recreational sport. There are several different methods, styles, and ways to ski. Competitive skiing can be found in higher altitude countries and states where the mountains have fresh snow with steep cliffs. Scandinavia and Alaska are just two of the popular places to boast your expert skiing abilities.

One main type of skiing that everyone enjoys is alpine skiing. Alpine skiing is the popular way to ski during a typical snowy vacation. Alpine skiing brings you up a lift where you ride up a mountain to your choice of slope difficulty. Beginners will stick to the green, easy slopes. Intermediate level will ski down a tougher grade marked as a blue slope, and experts will ride a higher level to black diamond slopes. These three distinct markings help skiers identify which slope relates to their experience.

Alpine skiing slopes are usually created next to top rated ski resorts for the ultimate vacation. During the day, skiers can enjoy and play in the snow. At night, after the sore muscles and aches from falls take over, the vacationer can warm up to a resort fire place, drink wine, and dine at fine restaurants while viewing the ski slopes under the night sky. Comfortable beds in a ski resort invite the skier to relax so that the next day he can resume the fun.

If you want to show off your expert skiing abilities, you can dive into freestyle skiing. Freestyle skiing combines skater-like acrobatics with alpine skiing. Freestyle alpine skiing is for those expert skiers who want to take the sport to a higher level with flips, rail jumping, and other degrees of difficulty.

If the price of a ski resort and plane tickets has you strapped to a warmer climate this summer, you can still enjoy the sport of skiing. Many places offer artificial ski slopes that maintain the same element of skiing while being in sunny weather. The snowflex material is similar to nature’s own snow, and it provides an avid skier who’s tied to the warmer weather a getaway to their favorite sport.