Turn Any Outdoor Experience into a Cozy One

The great outdoors: they are there, simply begging us to get up off the sofa and take full advantage of them. And, in a country as blessed in natural endowments as our grand nation of Australia, it is simply inconceivable that anybody have anything but the deepest of loves for the great outdoors. Hence, it is fundamental to have the knowledge of how to turn any outdoors adventure into the most enjoyable experience possible, no matter if it’s a mere stone’s throw from home or way, way out back in the Outback.

As a matter of course, it doesn’t make a difference if you’ll be out seizing the beauty of your local neighborhood plaza or heading way out into the impenetrable reaches of wilderness: certain preparations are in order either way. That’s because you want to make sure that you keep the elements in check, and not vice versa, which doesn’t occur without a bit of deliberation. At the most basic level, it’s important to be adequately dressed for the trip at hand, to include some sort of protective elements in your pack, and to have a shelter of one sort or another so that you can, along with all those accompanying you, stay nice and cozy even in the most adverse conditions.

With regards to clothing, whereas a trifling hours-long outdoor adventure somewhere close to home doesn’t require you to put much preparation into it, this is not the case when it comes to journeys farther afield. That’s because going for a picnic on the shores of the lake a few miles from your home is one thing, while blazing a trail into the dead middle of the Outback is quite another thing. For cases like this, it is extremely important to have the right gear on you: a wide-brim hat, a pair of hiking boots, good sunglasses, some rain gear, a windbreaker and things of the sort.

Furthermore, it’s a basic necessity to include a bottle or two of sunscreen in your sack, given the fact that our southern skies filter fewer UV rays as a result of the gaping ozone holes that pock our ozone layer. In consideration of this reality, it’s simply not enough to pack a bottle of SPF-5!

To ensure that your outdoor adventure is as enjoyable as possible, you’ll need to rely on an outdoor shelter. Depending on the needs of the people enjoying the outdoors and the circumstances, a simple tent can often do the trick; other folks suffice themselves with even less, roughing it with a makeshift refuge built with little more than a bit of rope and a sheet of plastic.

Yet to really have a quality and enjoyable outdoors experience there is nothing to compare with a sturdy, instant outdoor shelter. Designed for total ease in assembly and constructed with the most durable and quality materials, these kinds of shelters are just what’s in order for making every outdoor adventure a cozy one.

Generally known as Marquees, such shelters are offered in multiple sizes and with different amounts of walls, from a bare minimum of one all the way up to a complete four. The most notable trait they have is the facility with which they can be set up: if produced by a reliable manufacturer with onerous quality controls, such shelters are able to be erected within no more than a minute, meaning a bare minimum of effort and hassle and no arguments over how to proceed.

The comfortability is offered by their complete blocking of UV rays and total water-resistance and wind-resistance. Cozily tucked away in one of these outdoor shelters, even the brawniest and toughest of wayward voyagers will be grateful for the chance to escape from the brutal and unyielding punishment of the elements.