Treat Yourself This Summer With A Luxury Tour To France

by David Hughes

This summer, head to a luxury holidays in France for its top hotels, superb fare, astounding landscape, and a bit of ooh la la. From the Alpine slopes and the pristine shorelines to classy cities such as Paris and with its high-class shops, France is undeniably a place to go for a luxurious holiday.

On your journey you could visit the unspoiled island of Corsica with its stunning shoreline and its most exclusive mix of French and Italian cultures. You can never just grab a bite to eat since mealtimes in France are a big event and from time to time social also. People love to linger over long lunches and really make the most of the many coursed meals. And, we can’t overlook the wine either, whether it’s in the Loire Valley, Champagne, or in Bordeaux, you will always be full of options when it comes to wines.

Another most admired destination is Paris, the capital of France. Paris is not only the dreamiest cities in the world, however is also worth exploring. Sit in the shade and try out a cup of coffee in an eating place or go to a five star hotel. The metropolis boasts a large palette of gourmet eating places for you to select from. The magnificent sights in Paris also deserve your concentration. Your visit will not be comprehensive without a visit to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, or the Arc di Triomphe.

The magic of Provence entices every one, and just one visit is never enough. Its beauty has inspired artists and lovers for many centuries. You will be delighted to find out that bright and sunny skies shine across Provence’s landscape, from the Alps on the east and right down to the Mediterranean Sea in the south. A whiff of the lavender fields is another source of inspiration for many. Provence’s Romanesque churches, Roman ruins, and must-see museums also lure romantics to this beautiful stretch of land.

Cannes is another beautiful tourist destination, and a part of the amazing French Riviera. Apart from its beautiful beaches and serene landscapes, Cannes is famous for being the host of the Annual Cannes Film Festival. The climate in Cannes is Mediterranean and tourists can enjoy up to 12 hours of sunshine every day. Cannes is famous for its 19th century villas, which can be seen almost everywhere. The villas are a great representation of the wealth and status of their owners.

Nice is another beautiful city, ideally located on the French Riviera. Except for some private beaches, all other beaches in Nice are rocky. If you love to splurge, then you won’t be disappointed. Pamper yourself with one of the many 4 star hotels in the city. Also, don’t miss out on the culinary experiences of the city; the food in this part of the French Riviera is divine. Mount Boron offers breathtaking views of the city. France is a country too used to luxury. Arrive in style, choose a prestigious and luxurious destination, and let the French show you how to pamper yourself on a luxury holiday in France.