Traveling Around India On A Budget

India has long been popular with those backpacking because there’s plenty to see, and travelling around is relatively inexpensive. Just a few of the reasons to travel there include: to have fun; to experience a different way of life; to feel a sense of independence.

In the six months that the majority of tourist visas permit you can backpack intensely, yet still feel like you only saw a tiny part of the country and its cultures. There are Himalayan valleys, Hindu temples, Rajasthani palaces and forts, and tropical beaches. However, don’t overly plan before your arrival; have just a brief checklist of things to do and places to see.

Though prices are steadily increasing and tourism in India is aimed more and more towards the domestic middle class, it’s possible to stay in a bamboo hut on a beach for around 100 Rupees a night. It’s also possible to eat out in India for just a few Dollars a day. However, Prices increase at restaurants that specifically cater for foreigners and western food is always more expensive than Indian food.

India is used to backpackers and, though journeys can take longer than expected, it is easy enough to explore for even first time backpackers. It’s regarded as a safe country too, providing you exercise some sense and show respect for the locals. The majority of travelers there travel along routes that have been travelled by thousands of other backpackers before them, and as a result you’ll come across plenty of services geared specially towards the backpacker market.

Locally run travel agents are readily available on popular routes and can be used for arranging day trips, visas and flights. Sleeper trains and overnight buses are ideal for backpackers and offer an inexpensive way to cover moderate distances. Long in-country distances can be overcome by using domestic flights, which are generally cheap, dependable and are bookable on the day.