Travel Insurance – Types of Insurance Packages Available

Over the years, insurance companies have designed and introduced many Travel Insurance packages according to the requirements of an individual, family, or group. Arrangements for Cheap Travel Insurance can be made at the time of booking a trip to cover just the duration of the trip, or a more extensive and comprehensive insurance can be purchased from Travel Insurance companies, travel agents or directly from cruise lines and tour operators. Whatever source you purchase the insurance from, you have to be careful and understand properly what is covered or not covered in the policy, as some travel insurance packages purchased from cruise lines and travel operators are less inclusive of risks than the insurance packages provided by insurance companies.

Travel insurance packages offer coverage for student travels, business related travel, leisure and holiday travel, adventure travels, cruise travels, and also international travel. Travel Insurance covers many risks associated with travelling and the premium charged depends on many factors like, whether the insurance is for an individual, family, or group, and the destination and duration of the travel, etc. Insurance companies, travel agents, and tour operators provide Cheap Travel Insurance packages for a Single trip return journey, or a package for multiple trips in a year.

The Single trip return journey Travel Insurance package can provide insurance cover for an individual, family or group, and the premium depends on the duration of the travel, the destination or country travelled to, and the risks that need to be covered. Most of these insurance packages offer free insurance for children travelling with adults and cover many of the risks involved in travelling within the country or internationally to another country. Even the Cheap Travel Insurance packages for Single trip return journeys will cover the most basic risks like Medical expenses incurred during travelling, loss or theft of baggage, loss or theft of travel documents, baggage delays or baggage misplaced, cancellations or cutting short a trip due to sickness or injury, etc. This insurance package is good for those individuals who travel once or twice a year or occasionally, and for families planning for a short or long holiday within the country, and especially when traveling to another country.

But a businessman, or an individual who travels extensively, with multiple trips within the country and internationally, this Single trip return journey package is not cost effective and is time consuming as it has to be arranged for every trip within or outside the country. The comprehensive Multi trip Annual package is the answer to a regular travellers requirement for Travel Insurance. There are many other Cheap Travel Insurance packages for short-term trips, like Ski-trip insurance packages, budget backpacker insurance packages, motorcycle travel insurance for those wanting to tour countries on their motorcycles, and insurance for Senior travelers.