Travel Insurance is important but many people do not understand

by Jeff Cline

Many people do not understand the importance of travel medical insurance. We do not plan for things to happen, but they can! So if you plan to go on vacation, work or study abroad you should purchase travel insurance for your length of stay.

Some people are under the belief that it is expensive and not worth it to purchase. Maybe they have traveled many times and not needed it. It only takes one accident or incident to wreck havoc on your vacation.

There are many benefits to a travel medical plan. Of course they will cover illness and accidents that occur while traveling, but they also travel many other things depending on what plan you choose. Baggage loss, accidental death and dismemberment and emergency evacuation to name a few.

The premium you will pay for a travel medical plan will vary a little from carrier to carrier. But you can expect to pay around 4-5% what your trip cost. They usually will rate your premium based on your age, how long your trip will be and what benefits you want.

The reason it is so important for you to purchase a travel medical plan is because your health insurance will not cover you abroad. Most carriers do not have a international network of physicians. Also if you have Medicare, they will not pay one penny for medical care anywhere except the USA.

I can tell you first hand that medical insurance is important. I was traveling through Europe 2 years ago and was struck with appendicitis. I never dreamed that would happen. I had purchased a travel medical plan and it saved me financially and made a bad situation just a bit better.

Many travel medical plans have the added convenience of a 24 hour hotline to help you before , during and after your travels. They can help you locate medical care, us embassies and even translate prescriptions for you. They can also give you advice regarding your destination.

So as you can see purchasing a travel medical plan is a wise investment. It may well be the smallest investment with the greatest saving. It is there to protect your well being, finances and health. And the peace of mind is worth every penny.