Top Five Most Beautiful Destinations for Sailing

So you have decided to take a sailing cruise, but feel overwhelmed at the number of destinations to choose from. If that’s the case then consider the following five destinations, which are some of the most popular and beautiful destinations for your boating cruise.

First is New Zealand. This country boasts that highest number of boats per capita over any other place in the world. Along the coastline you will find a variety of sailing areas including the islands of Marlborough Sounds, Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf and the historic Bay of Islands. Everywhere in New Zealand you can find a number of marinas and charter boats. For a boating destination in which you can find an activity no matter what your interests then you need to visit New Zealand.

Second is Stockholm the capital of Sweden. This place is known as the Venice of the North and is spread out over a variety of fourteen islands. Here you can take the time to sail between unspoiled bays, sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. Take a hike slightly inland and you will find wildflower meadows, historic fortresses and old village settlements where you can see animals such as ospreys and sea eagles.

Third on the list is the Exumas in the Bahamas. This area divides the Great Bahama Bank from the Exuma Sound and is the perfect example of a Caribbean paradise. You will find turquoise seas, sandy beaches and pristine surroundings. There are excellent sailing conditions and a variety of uninhabited cays and bays where you can enjoy a quite lunch or break from reality. There are also excellent opportunities for sea kayaking and snorkeling.

Fourth up is Turkey, which is the most perfect place to enjoy the Aegean coast. You can choose to enjoy the scenery in a traditional pinewood boat or a modern day yacht. You care choose to sail on your own or hire a boat along with a crew so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery. Here you will find water in a variety of shades of blue, excellent snorkeling opportunities and a number of unspoiled beautiful islands to enjoy. Along with a few historic ruins located around the area for you to explore.

Fifth on the list is Whitsunday Islands in Australia. This island is full of beautiful beaches and calm waters. As one of the top sailing destinations in the country of Australia there are excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities along the reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. Inland you will find excellent bush walking opportunities, most of which is designated as a national park and provides an excellent opportunities for a relaxing sailing cruise. On seven of the islands you will find fine resorts, but you can also choose to find a secluded bay where you can anchor your boat if you don’t want to stay on land during your stay.

When it comes to sailing there is no shortage of excellent destinations around the world. However, if you want the best scenery and most activities to choose from then the above five destinations should be at the top of your list. So consider one of these areas for your next sailing cruise in order to have a vacation you won’t soon forget.