Top Five Beach Destinations for Spring Break

by Brad Alexzander

Spring Break is the perfect time to let loose and get rid of the stress of studying by heading out to any one of many great destinations known for their lovely beaches. Understandably with the economy the way it is travel to some of the more expensive islands may be out of financial reach.

However, I still have five amazing beaches that college students can make reservations for now and look forward to several days of sun and sand without breaking the bank.

* Ft. Lauderdale has long been one of the most popular destinations for Spring Break. Throughout the past few years Florida has undergone some changes however Ft. Lauderdale still tops the list for affordable Spring Break destinations.

* Acapulco has become a popular destination for college students. Packages are usually available which make the destination affordable as well as trendy.

* Unfortunately while Bermuda has always been at the top of the spring break list it is also somewhat pricey. Fortunately nearby Aruba is a wonderful alternative destination with amazing beaches, friendly people, and fantastic weather. One more bonus is that all Aruba hotels are located on the beach, unlike Bermuda.

* For affordable accommodations and fabulous beaches, the Bahamas is also considered one of the great Spring Break destinations in 2009.

* Finally, for an all-inclusive package to either “nowhere” or from Florida to the Bahamas, cruises have become highly touted as the best possible vacation venue for most college students.

Safety is also a concern this year, especially in Mexico. Crime has risen in well-known resorts such as Cancun, and it is advised not to travel there this year. Acapulco, however, is the exception.

Finally I have one other suggestion that you may want to consider, Panama City Beach, FL. In the past few years it has become a It has become a booming destination for Spring Breakers. With beautiful beaches, plentiful parties, and hopping clubs this is one destination college students may want to consider as a last “resort.”

Any of the above destinations will definitely help you relax and unwind and get the most from your Spring Break holiday. I recommend that you book early for the best deals and a guaranteed spot. You can find great deals using the internet or your personal travel agent.