Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

by Chris Linch

Locating a good rate in Atlanta Georgia on a hotel is not a hard task. You can always find a really cheap hotel in the city. The only thing you want to pay notice to is where you are staying. You don’t need to end up staying in a part of town in which you will not be happy.

In this commentary I have paid no attention to location, I am simply going to reveal the top 5 cheap hotels that fall inside the city limits of Atlanta. You will want to shop through these hotels to make sure they are in an area you want to stay. I also recommend you book in advance, and book with a site that has various hotel chains. The likelihood of you being moved to an alternative hotel, if one doesn’t meet your standards, are elevated if you book with a hotel discounter instead of directly through a hotel.

The principal 5 cheap hotels in Atlanta are:

Hometown Inn starts at just $30 nightly.

Microtel Inn Galleria starts at $32 nightly

Days Inn/Jimmy Carter Blvd. starts at $34 nightly.

Masters Inn Marietta starts at $34 nightly.

The best way to save funds is to book at a site which offers a low price assurance. This means that before your trip if you find a lower price the site will match the price or refund your money so you can book the lesser rate. Most hotel chains do not offer this feature because they actually sell their rooms at wholesale to suppliers and therefore would always be undercut.

Booking in advance is the best way to save cash because as the hotel gets more reservations they will elevate prices. You need to decide when you are going to go and then get your trip booked, you can make changes later on most reservations, but you will be subject to the higher rates since it is closer to the time of your trip.