Top 10 Attractions In Antigua

by Louis Jones

The Caribbean state is the excellent region for any type of holiday. Antigua is one of the most pleasing places in the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus as Antigua named this little island in the West Indies after the name of a church in Spain, which means very old. The island has been eminent for its yachting activities and rainforests. There are also many other attractions in Antigua which are exclusive in their own way.

1. The Sir Vivian Richards Stadium is a must witness place for everyone getting a possibility to trip Antigua during the game season. The stadium is enormous and is designed to contain a large mass, and certainly provides an experience of a lifetime.

2. Fort St James is another majestic place to visit to take delight in the pleasing exquisiteness of the beach. Sunsets are mainly wonderful here and so is the military apparatus just north of St John’s. The fort bay beach is a great place to relax and enjoy a peaceful environment.

(3) If relaxation and cruising is what you want, then Creole Cruises are the best to enjoy a one-day cruise to Bird Island with your friends and family to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax on the swift waves of the sea. The cruise also offers a lobster lunch along with the cruising package to enhance the experience.

(4) The half moon bay is another great place to visit and enjoy the sun while lying on the pink sandy beach. It is located on the east coast and serves as a great attraction to many tourists who like to relax under the sun. The hotel provides rooms on the beach, which makes a trip to this island in the Caribbean worthwhile.

5. The Cedar Valley Golf club is also a must visit place for proficient golfers as well as for those who like to play golf only for enjoyment and leisure. The golf course occupies a region of about 6000 yards and has 70 holes, thus making it one of the finest in the area for average golfers as well as experts.

(6) Devil’s Bridge is also a remarkable place to visit on your trip to Antigua. The landscape is naturally formed due to the erosion of limestone by the waves of the sea. The place gets its name due to the mass number of suicides committed by slaves during the era of slavery. The view of small islands and the sea beating across the rocks is simply spectacular.

(7) The museum of Antigua is a must visit place for anyone on their first trip to the Caribbean. The museum provides a great deal of knowledge about the Caribbean and has many ancient artefacts linked to the history of the island.

8. The fig tree drive provides a zealous and charismatic drive that is definite to appeal the tourists.

9. Shirley Heights is another must journey place in Antigua as it provides an incredible vision of the English harbour and the Dockyard.

10. Taking tours is a huge manner to discover Antigua, the opulence safari tour and the Antigua rainforest awning tour are two of the greatest tour services in the area, and are recommended to those who desire to discover the islet as much as they can.