Tips for Backpackers – What Stays and What Goes?

travel packing tips
You have lots of stuff to pack for your trip. How do you decide what stays and what goes? How are you going to fit it all in your pack and how are you going to carry it? Here are some tips to consider when packing for your backpacker trip:1. Buy a good backpack. Investigate the right kind of backpack for your trip and you will make your packing easier before you go and when on the road.

2. Put your sleeping bag in first.

3. If you are going to be camping get a tent that is lightweight and durable and pack it in the tent compartment in your backpack.

4. Clothes – what are you going to take? Lay everything out on the bed. Now cut it down to half. If you’ve got something that’ll you’ll only wear a couple of times, leave it behind. You’re backpacking on a budget so it’s unlikely you’ll be going to any balls or ritzy restaurants. Pack your rain gear where you can reach it quickly. Make sure you have enough layers if you are going to colder areas. Don’t forget your gloves and hat.

5. Cooking utensils should be packed where they won’t rub on your other gear and you want to make sure the hard edges don’t stick into your back.

6. Food should be packed in outside compartments; you don’t want any crumbs getting into your other gear. Carry enough food for a day, just in case. Make sure you have at least one water bottle packed on the outside. And pack water purifying tablets if you are traveling to under-developed countries.

7. Your mattress (if you’re taking one) should be strapped to the outside of your pack unless it’s small enough to fit on the inside.

8. Camera!

9. Have you got your map? What about a compass if you intend going off road on a hike?

10. Don’t forget your matches, first aid kit, army knife, flashlight, batteries, sun screen and sunglasses. A whistle and insect repellant are good items to pack, especially if you plan on doing a lot of hiking. And toilet tissue. Just in case.

11. Have you packed a decent pair of walking/hiking boots? These are essential because any backpacker will be doing a lot of walking.

12. Put in a daypack. This will make day hikes and sightseeing much easier if you can have a smaller pack to use on shorter trips.

13. Money, money belt, traveler’s checks and credit card. Along with your passport and necessary visas. Don’t take large amounts of cash and keep it safe while traveling.

And there are other things you need to consider before you set out. Keep in mind the following:

  • Take out travel insurance.
  • Are you taking your mobile phone? If so make sure you have global roaming set up.
  • Give someone at home a copy of you itinerary and passport.
  • Get to the airport in plenty of time to enable a smooth check in and time to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Pack well and have a good trip!