Things to Watch Out For With Airline Miles Credit Cards

In recent times, several people consider buying airline credit cards. The reason is that, these cards provide free airway miles. Airline cards have various ways of charging airline miles. Generally, airline credit cards offer you a particular percentage in return of the amount spent on air miles.The percentage amount differs according to the policies of credit card companies. On an average, these credit cards offer around one and a half percent on the purchase amount. Several airline companies offer airline credit cards with several attractive offers to lure passengers.

Some airline companies follow loyalty program systems too. For instance, if you use a particular airline credit card to purchase airline services, you become eligible for receiving loyalty rewards from that airline company too.

Things to Look For In Airline Credit Cards:

Before signing for an airline card, you need to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Ensure to make a through research about these cards. This proves beneficial in choosing the right credit card. If you decide to buy such credit cards, then see whether the company is asking for any annual fee for approval purposes.

People applying for credit cards also need to see the rate of interest before signing up, since some airline companies charge high rate of interest. In addition, it is necessary to check the amount of money gained through free airline miles, because some airlines provide less free airline miles.

More significantly, consider the credit limit of these cards, because many airlines have a specific amount of free airline miles for a cardholder in a particular year. If you go beyond the credit limit, you may need to pay a high rate of interest and perhaps may loose your free airline miles too.

Remember to check the rate of flexibility for using free miles. This is important because, you are not permitted to make use of your accumulated free airline miles as per your wish at any time.

Ensure to check the rewards offered by the airline card. It is very important to know how much air miles the credit card offers and how much airline miles are necessary to receive free flights.

Make sure, if there is any expiry date for the free airline miles. Since on most airline credit cards, miles expire after a year, while on some other airline cards they never expire. This is why it’s important that you do your research before you apply for that first card.

Next, also check for rewarding points. These rewarding points vary from one airline credit card to other. Generally, these cards offer one airline mile per dollar. Only a few cards offer two air miles on per dollar basis.


An ideal airline card is the one, which allows you to use its reward points for other purchases such as hotel rentals and car rentals, rather than just airline fares. Thus, you need to check for all these terms and conditions in an airline credit card before finalizing to buy a particular card.