Things to Do While You Spend Your Vacation in Barcelona

by Robert M Freeman

Barcelona is a place that is unlike any other in Spain, and for that reason in all of Europe. Spending holidays in Barcelona would leave you with a very revitalizing experience. It offers a change from the usual pace of your life to a change that is absolutely wonderful. Barcelona is exceptionally beautiful and offers a lot of enjoyment. You would experience as if the city comes to life at night-time.

In Barcelona, you would be able to see fine examples of both Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The most unifying theme of the city of Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi which has a very capricious architecture. If you want to get yourself involved into the true spirit of Barcelona, take a walk by La Rambla which is a magnificent boulevard lined with trees. During your leisurely walk, you could also revisit the history and civilization for which Barcelona is so famous.

You’ll come across many different things on your way from books and jewellery to a big number of tourists and street entertainers. The street life is very energetic and the environment is very nice.

There are also paved streets in the Barri Gotic and there are medieval buildings, and the entire area shows an exotic feeling. The area also has a lot of restaurants that are very fine, and the food offered is of very high quality and delicious. Barcelona, is the city in which Picasso spent his youth is home of the Picasso Museum. For those who are Picasso admirers, there are his early works in the museum which provide a true understanding to his works and also to the artist himself.

There is also Edifici Frum which holds an exhibition of the urban transformation that took place in Barcelona. The highlight in the place is a model of the city which is very detailed, and its creation took twenty thousand hours. It is acclaimed as the biggest model of its kind in all of Europe.

Bellesguard is a sight worth seeing, and is built in a Gaudi fashion. The exposed bricks and wrought iron give it a fairy tale style. You should also see the Casa de l’Ardiaca where there are many of the city’s archives. Its courtyard is purely serene, and was renovated in the year 1902. It was actually built in the sixteenth century.

There is also the very interesting House of spikes, Casa de les Punxes that is like a neo Gothic fantasy. It has turrets that are pointed and that has it nicknamed as the House of Spikes. There is also the Edifici de Gas Natural which is a waterfront tower, and has shimmering mirror like surface.

If you wish to see more of Gothic architecture, you must go to Catedral which is famed for its gothic interior that is very influential. It also has an uneven cloister that is Romanesque. Centre de Cultura Contempornia de Barcelona is the favourite of the people of the city and holds numerous exhibitions, and is a centre that is used for multi cultural purposes.