The Tiger Leaping Gorge – One of the Most Classic Hikes in China

The Ancient City of Lijiang is girdled by a host of attractive and wondrous attractions. Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorgeoutside the Lijiang city is one of the great highlights of any visit to this region.The Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Gorge) is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) northwest of Lijiang Old Town and is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world.

From the top of the gorge you look down the steeply angled (70-90 degrees) mountain sides to the rushing Golden Sands (Jingsha) River with its 18 frothing rapids more than 200 meters (about 700 feet) below.

Naturally divided into three sections, the first section, which is the narrowest and uppermost section, is the mouth of the fast flowing Jingsha River. In the midst of the river mouth is a large rock that is positioned at the narrowest section of the gorge-only 30 meters (33 yards) wide. An ancient legend says that a tiger used this rock as its stepping stone so it could leap across from one side of the gorge to the other, which is how the gorge got its name.

As the river enters the middle section, it drops another 100 meters (330 feet) and its flow rate increases to an amazing speed. Here the thunderous rushing waters slam into sharp, large rocks and crash down into the river forming swirling whirlpools. Can it get more exciting? Yes, it can as the third and lowest section is acclaimed for being the wildest attraction of all!

The cliffs over-looking this section are even steeper and much more dangerous. Here, the river twists and turns and the river vigorously surges forward creating high waves and a frothy spew as it collides with the mountainsides. This is a view that inspires a sense of adventure and satisfies the deepest yearnings for magnificent scenery.

The gorge stretches about 15 kilometers (nine miles) and also affords people the possibility of rafting and drifting peacefully in its large quiet sections, for the gentler folks among us and an exciting rafting adventure for the more experienced.

This is a great sightseeing stop with enormous photo opportunities. Just bring your camera, wear skid proof shoes, and be prepared to be astonished.

Recommended Hiking Tours:

Day 1: TBA-Lijiang

Arrive at Lijiang airport, pick up by our English speaking tour guide and transfer to hotel. Visit the Lijiang Old Town, escorted tour to Square Street. At night, join in the singing competition party at the bank of ancient streams which wind through the town.

Day 2 Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge

In the morning we will drive to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge, on the way stop at the Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge for visiting. After checking in Tina Guesthouse, we will walk down to the bottom of Yangtze River which is the narrowest part of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Then climb the “Sky Ladder” up carefully to Tina Guesthouse. Overnight at Tina Guesthouse.

Day 3 Tiger Leaping Gorge-Daju-Lijiang

In the early morning, continue the trekking through trails for 3km (about 1 hour) to a small ferry, cross the river by boat, climb up the cliff and see the beautiful Daju Town. Enjoy a local lunch in the village. We will take our private car back to Lijiang. On the way we will stop at Yak Meadow where a cable car visit to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is available.

Day 4 Lijiang – TBA

See off at Lijiang airport.