The Three Fabulous Lanai Hotels

The Hawaiian island of Lanai is one of the diminutive and exclusive islands. During most of the twentieth century Lanai was comprised by locals and workers of the largest pineapple plantation in the known world.

Unfortunately, cultivating pineapples met its end on Lanai in the early’80’s because the Dole Company sold the land of the plantation to the Castle & Cook Corporation. After the sale, the new owner began to transform Lanai into a luxury tourist destination.

Currently Lanai hosts three hotels. The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay, located on top of the cliffs above the beach, is the only Lanai hotel located on or near the beach. The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele is located among beautiful gardens and pines near the top of the highest point of the island. The Hotel Lanai, a picturesque plantation style hotel, is located in the middle of Lanai City along with the main population of Lanai.

The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay fuses Asian and Mediterranean styles with the indigenous beauty of Lanai. The hotel is situated atop the red lava cliffs above Hulopoe Beach which is considered the number one beach for surfing, swimming and snorkeling on Lanai. The Resort of Manele Bay is the most grand of the hotels on Lanai and boasts huge hand painted murals, lush gardens and antiques.

The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele is located eight miles from the ocean in upcountry Lanai at an elevation of 1700 feet. The hotel sits in a large forest of Cook Pines and is built to resemble an old baronial hunting lodge. It is, in fact, the largest wooden building in Hawaii. This hotel is certainly the most novel of the Lanai hotels.

The Lodge at Koele emits a sophisticated old-world European elegance with its huge stone fireplaces, high-beamed ceilings, over-stuffed furniture and antique rugs. The Lodge is surrounded by rolling hills, sweeping lawns and gardens, and is home to one of two championship golf courses on Lanai, The Experience at Koele.

The Hotel Lanai is the oldest of the three hotels on Lanai. The Hotel Lanai was originally used to house the managing employees and their guests of the Dole Corporation. The hotel was renovated during’94 and now offers a relaxing stay in a recreated plantation style home in the center of Lanai City.

No matter which Lanai hotel you choose to stay in, one thing is for certain, you will feel right at home with the employees and locals of Lanai. The local folks of Lanai are extremely helpful and accommodating and will be genuinely happy that you chose Lanai as your vacation destination.