The Roughest Look at The Island of Formentera

Formentera is the smallest Balearic Island it’s 13 miles long, 35 miles squared, and is home to around 7000 souls. It’s by far one of the most beautiful places on earth. Set against a sky blue back drop it’s dusty little roads meander to some of the most amazing beaches you will ever see.

Formentera is so different from Ibiza it doesn’t feel as though you have traveled to another island but another continent. It feels very much like the Caribbean. It’s the perfect place to get away from The White Isle and nurse your hangover. It’s also just the perfect place to go for a holiday. You’ll need to fly to Ibiza but then head straight for the port in Ibiza town and jump on a ferry to Formentera.

You can catch the fast boat to the Island which departs every 2 hours from Ibiza arriving only 30 minutes later in. Once on the island you can see it’s many trees which include Sabina fig pine and palm. If you arrive by private boat (you can charter one cheaply from Ibiza) you will get to see it’s finest features the fantastic white beaches which seem to go on for ever.

Formentera is very popular with the glitterati and the ‘wet set’so make sure you bring your camera. They prefer to eat at the beach restaurants where Lobster can be as expensive as 150 a plate. I heard rumor that a lot of the sea food is imported from Scotland!

If you’ve never been to this beautiful island you must go the pictures don’t do it justice. It has beautiful beaches and clear water as well as spectacular inland scenery. The weather is fine most of the year. I’d recommend you go between May and October and stay clear of August.

Finally I would recommend that you go and see the island by boat. They are cheaper than you think and there are many options to choose from. Just ask one of the search engines.