The Lowdown on Discount Australian Travel Insurance

travel insurance
There are a number of essentials a traveler shouldn’t leave home without – travel insurance is one of them. Designed specifically to help you out of sticky situations in lands afar, travel insurance can cover a number of expenses including medical costs, financial loss, alternate travel expenses and legal fees amongst others. Travel insurance is able to cater to various types of travelers. Packages designed for business, backpacking, annual, frequent, leisure, adventure and student travel are available, with the option of both international and domestic plans.

The cost of such insurance can quite commonly be a deterrent for travelers on a budget. However, shopping around can get you the deal that is perfect for you and your travel plans. A large percentage of Australians head straight to a travel agent for all their insurance needs; this method will generally end up costing you more as travel agents take a portion of your total payment for commission. Arranging insurance through an agent seems like the easier method, but it is often doing more damage to your funds as opposed purchasing online, which is free of commission charges.

Purchasing travel insurance via the Internet can often seem problematic for non-online geniuses, but you will find that all good online travel insurance providers are equipped with a helpline and a real person at the end of it! There is generally a ‘pay over the phone’ option too.

Travel insurance prices vary greatly based on a number of factors. Length of travel period, place of travel, type of travel (international or domestic), age, medical condition and activities undertaken while travelling can all impact the cost of your insurance plan. Quotes are easily obtained online after entering your travel details. Whether it’s a five day trip or a year long journey, prices are likely to vary based on individual circumstances as well.

What is usually included in a standard travel insurance plan? The following is a list of essentials you can expect when researching deals:

  • Medical expenses (including hospital and emergency)
  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits
  • Travel and luggage delays
  • Loss of income
  • Personal liability
  • Accidental death
  • Theft
  • Alternate travel expenses
  • Permanent disability
  • Some leisure activities and sports (e.g. skiing and golf)

Some things to look out for that may not be included in your policy:

  • Costs associated with adventure activities (scuba diving, skydiving, hang gliding, etc)
  • Costs associated with pre-existing medical conditions or pregnancies

There are other potential inclusions and exclusions, but these are unique to specific companies and policies.

Some more things to look out for:

Excess charges – You may think you’ve found a great deal, until you are charged an exorbitant excess fee when making a claim

If you’re purchasing online make sure that the policies are underwritten by a reputable company.

Whether you’ve booked online or with an agent, remember to always read the terms and conditions of your policy. It may sound boring, but it could save you time and money if you pick up on any errors before an incident occurs!