The Different Types of Essaouira and Casablanca Hotels

Hotels are classified into different types.  The classifications are oftentimes characterized by star ratings where five-star is the highest and one-star is the lowest.  The ratings are actually used to be able to distinguish the types of services you could expect.  Price considerations are also included in the comparison.  This would totally be a good gauge on the total performance of the hotel.  Which Essaouira hotels and Casablanca hotels are then given the opportunity to have their respective rankings?

Five-Star Hotels.  These types of hotels are characterized to be very luxurious.  It is not merely your home away from home.  It could even give you more than what you really have.  Despite the price though, these are not exclusive for elites and high-class individuals.  For people who would want to take full advantage of a certain trip, hotel reservations on this type are also possible.  Essaouira hotels with five-star ratings are Thalassa Sofitel and the Atlas Spa and Hotel.  For Casablanca hotels, you may go to Riad Salam Hotel and Luxor Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Three-Star Hotels.  These are considered to be more affordable than those rated with five stars.  The usual offerings are not cut in half and the amenities are at least comparable.  The price is really the main factor of the difference plus you will not be able to get all the services you want from the system.  Some features which may not be included are airport shuttle, fitness room and handicap accessibility.  Al Jasira and Riad Villa Damonte Hotel are some examples of Essaouira hotels with this type while three-star Casablanca hotels are Ibis Moussafir City Center Hotel and Maamoura Hotel.

One-Star Hotel.  The price of one-star hotels is relatively the cheapest among the types of hotels that you could go to.  They also lack a lot of services compared to the luxurios and mid-sized hotels.  The only provisions they may have in their facilities are high-speed internet and parking.  You may no longer enjoy anything else more than that.  One-star Essaouira hotels are Emeraude Hotel, Riad Watier Hotel and Dar L Ouissa Hotel.  One of the Casablanca hotels rated with one-star is the Al Maha Regency Hotel.

Other Hotels.  There are also four-star and two-star hotels from which you could choose from.  They are squeezed in between the above-mentioned types.  Some hotels in Essaouira rated with four and two stars are Huere Bleu Palais Hotel, Riad Al Minda Hotel and the Beaurivage Hotel.  Cassablanca hotels with four and two-star ratings are Suisse Hotel, Val D Anfa Club Hotel and Al Mounia Hotel.

The ratings given to hotels do not actually depend upon the price.  Believe it or not, some hotels with five-star ratings could even be cheaper than those with four stars.  The differences may then be set in the ability of the staff to provide service as well as the reliable inclusions that they have in the hotel menu.  Before choosing any from the list of Essaouira hotels and Casablanca hotels, it would help if you explore the net.  Some may even offer you online reservations which could be ideal for availing of discounts.