The Benefits of Using a Down Sleeping Bag

There always comes a time when one gets bogged down by the hectic life in the metropolitan cities. It all becomes overwhelming – the heavy traffic, the polluted air, the cramped buildings – and one can’t help but just want to escape, even if it’s just for a few days.

One activity that is rather popular when the city people want to reconnect with nature is camping. There’s something rewarding about being able to say that you can “brave the great outdoors”, so to speak. But then, there are a lot of things you should consider if you want to go camping. And one of them is what exactly should you bring with you. If you’re going to camp for some days, then you should at least have something decent to sleep on – not a king-sized bed with layers upon layers of comforters, mind you, but a simple sleeping bag. The question is, what type?

There are several various types of sleeping bags, but the most popular one seems to be the down sleeping bag. This is because there are several advantages to using this type.

Lighter Weight

For one thing, they weigh less than the other kinds. It is highly vital to travel light when going camping, especially if you plan to visit several places. You’re probably going to bring your things on backpack, so it would be quite helpful if your sleeping bag didn’t weigh a ton. With a down sleeping bags, your pack would weigh a little lighter and you won’t get tired too easily.

More Insulation

Even with the different synthetic fills being developed today, there is nothing that can top the insulating power of down. It traps more air and thus makes a better insulator. It will certainly help you stay warm at night. Down sleeping bags are especially useful to those who are going mountain climbing or hiking and want to stay overnight.

Easy to Pack

Down Sleeping bags are also easier to pack than those with synthetic fills. They are more compressed. You can roll them tightly and fit them into the bag, leaving some extra space for other materials like food and clothes. This will make your trip a lot more comfy, as it will not only enable you take a less bulky pack, it will also let you bring more amenities for your trip.

Before buying a down sleeping bag, you simply need to read Ron’s advice on what to buy and what not to buy when it comes to down sleeping bags and sleeping bags liners.