The Beetham Hilton Tower: A place to live, stay and be amazed

by Duke Beetham

Sitting in the centre of Manchester, the Beetham Hilton Tower is a breathtaking 47-storey skyscraper and is one of the most amazing structures in England. The Beetham Organization, the buildings namesake, constructed it in 2006. And when paying a visit to Manchester, it is not hard to see that the Beetham Hilton tower is the tallest structure in Manchester. It has gained that very title because it stands at 168.87 metres, or 554 feet. What one will find inside is a Hilton Hotel with rooms that end at the 23rd floor. It is then between floors 25 to the triplex penthouse that reaches up to the 47th floor that you will find the Beetham Tower apartments. As for where everyone parks, there are two basement level garages for the residents of the apartment to make their lives a little easier.

The Beetham Tower also has two postal addresses. The tower sits in Deansgate, which is why it is commonly referred to as the Deansgate Hilton. This is a tower of many names, but the residents of Manchester and many of the visitors are familiar with the many names that this Hilton Hotel in Manchester is known by. The first address that you will come across is 301 Deansgate and 303 Deansgate. This fact shows how massive the building is because it needs two addresses.

The towers construction even has a history. It is important to note, though that the Beetham Hilton Tower comes from the imagination of Ian Simpson, but it was Carillion, a Wolverhampton-based construction company, that did the building along Deansgate and the junction of Great Bridgewater Street and Liverpool Road. In the Hilton Tower section of the structure, there is an astounding 285 classy bedrooms that remain with the essence that Hilton passes to its guests. And to make it even more unique, you can go to the 23rd floor and stand on the skybar that gives you a view 23 stories down all the way to the ground. This is because the 23rd floor was constructed exactly 4 metres deeper than the lower floors. This resulted in the only skybar in Manchester. After standing on the skybar, guests can enjoy the lounge and bar that is another part of the Hilton section of the tower.

But what is even more interesting is that the site of the tower was once the home to a railway viaduct. By the time the permission for the development of the structure was granted in October 2003, 206 of the 219 apartments had already been sold. Four of the 16 penthouses had been sold as well. This is how excited people were to live in these extravagant apartments.

And speaking of the amazing apartments, they are very modern with a view that could make you gaze for the rest of your life. There was a time in which the option to buy was the only way to live in one of these apartments, but times are a little tight. Because of these tight times, individuals are able to rent apartments for as little as 750 per month. This rate is incredibly affordable considering the type of apartments that are being acquired. The location is also an incredible plus. The hype surrounding this building is quite amazing, so an affordable rate such as this is quite the treat for someone who has the desire to live in Manchesters centre, where access to everything is quite easy to acquire.

Because this access is so easy, a person staying in the hotel or living in an apartment can enjoy the nightlife, access the big city, and do so many other things. There is not a shortage of things a person can get into. And for those who love some great football, Manchester United is not too far away for those wishing to catch a game.

And there are also some famous residents spread throughout the studios and the flats. One is Ian Simpson, whom youll recognize as the buildings designer. He resides in a penthouse that literally consumes the 46th and 47th floors. He is the man who has the highest living area in Britain. He decided to make the 3 million purchase so that he could live within his masterpiece. Other famous residents are:

* Shane Ward the famous R&B and pop singer. You will find him in one of the many apartments.

* Famous English football player, Phil Neville, lives in the Triplex apartment that sits directly below Ian Simpsons penthouse.

* Another famous football player, Christiano Ronaldo, lives in an apartment facing Old Tafford.

It is easy to see that The Beetham Hilton Tower is the epitome of elegance in the centre of Manchester. Many individuals envy those who live there. They even envy the individuals who stay there while visiting Manchester. Fortunately, the Beetham Hilton Tower has become an affordable place to live so that virtually anyone can enjoy the views, the rooms, and the hospitality that is offered. It is an amazing structure built with magnificent imagination and anyone who sees it is absolutely taken aback by its beauty. Those who stay there immediately fall in love with it and never want to leave.