Tips for Backpackers – What Stays and What Goes?

You have lots of stuff to pack for your trip. How do you decide what stays and what goes? How are you going to fit it all in your pack and how are you going to carry it? Here are some tips to consider when packing for your backpacker trip:1. Buy a good backpack. Investigate […]

Six Good Backpacking Habits

When backpacking, habits matter. A better sleeping bag may keep you a bit warmer, and a cell phone or GPS unit definitely makes a trip safer, but the things you regularly do while on the trail are just as important. Here are six habits you should develop for wilderness travel.1. Foot Care Blisters and other […]

Rolling Laptop Backpack for Your Laptop Carrying Needs

Laptop Backpacks are a great way to carry a laptop, because they spread the weight out between two shoulders, and because they offer additional security against being snatched off of your shoulder and whisked away by would be thieves.Even laptop backpacks can be difficult to carry for long periods of time. Though they may spread […]

Backpacking List for Children

Do you enjoy backpacking and want your children to experience it with you? Here is a backpacking list for children that can make this an easy and fun adventure for all.First Aid Kit: Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Light Hat or Bandana – This is to help protect the head from the sun. Mist Spray Bottle – […]

Plan Your Safe Hiking Vacation

Most of the outdoor survival situations that occur can be prevented with a little preparation and planning. A survival situation is something that can happen to anyone, regardless of his or her experience or expertise in hiking. Survival situations don’t always arise because someone is inexperienced or reckless. If you want to have the best […]