Backpack Carry On Regulations For Airplanes

One of the easiest ways to travel light when flying is to substitute a backpack for traditional luggage. Although airlines do allow backpacks to be carried on by hand, there are strict limits depending on the airline. You’ll want to be completely clear on all the rules that apply to backpacks such as maximum total number, bag size and weight.

Things to do in England

With the current financial climate, we all want to find cheap vacations. One of the leading draws to the UK is the exchange rate. A dollar goes far further now than it ever has. Here are a few ideas to help you draw the most enjoyment from your vacation.

Holiday Park Holidays In The UK

It is anticipated that their will be a resurgence in the growth of vacations in Britain as an increasingly large number of people decide to holiday within Britain. One of the main factors is the exchange rate since the decrease in the value of sterling against other European currencies and especially the Euro. For British holidaymakers the cost of travelling to the continent for a holiday is around 40% higher simply because the pound no longer has the comparable spending ability.