Why Travel Insurance is a Must

Travel insurance is necessary for your vacation packages and without it all your travel dreams cannot come true. Travel insurance is essential for a traveler as it covers your medical and financial expenses and losses incurred on your domestic or international travel. It’s usually arranged at the time of booking the trip and covers the […]

Travel Insurance: Deciding Coverage and Cost

Travel insurance is a relatively new commodity that became popular only towards the end of the 20th century. The current estimate of the cost of travel insurance range between 5% and 8% of the total travel cost.If the holiday vacation is worth about $10,000, the cost of travel insurance is at most $800. It is […]

Cheap Travel Insurance Is Better Than No Travel Insurance Coverage

Are you the adventurous kind,  making travel plans almost throughout the year? If your answer is -Yes then along with your trip, you should also plan your insurance. If you have not bought a  travel insurance policy yet, consider doing it right now. Always remember to compare travel insurance rates, coverage and plans before you […]