Fascinating Sights To See On Sofia City Breaks

Sofia, Bulgaria is an ancient and beautiful city, the perfect place to plan Sofia city breaks. With a population of 1. 14 million souls, this marvelous city ranks 12th among the great urban capitals of Europe. The primitive beginnings of Sofa go back a mere 7, 000 years according to archaeologists who have unearthed ancient cultures. If you’re planning a whirlwind tour of this city nestled between the mountains, here are several sights you won’t want to miss.

Earth Day 2009

Taking care of our own planet is a task left only to us as her steward. We should all be able to learn how to care and nurture this place were living in, in any way possible. There had been documentaries and movies about the slow depletion of our natural resources like The Inconvenient Truth to name one. This documentary will leave us with the knowledge of our planets slowly reducing ice caps and barren forests. Having this knowledge about our surroundings will also leave us with the steps on how to reverse these happenings, for our own good.

Festival of Flowers at North Carolina

Flowers symbolizes many things and one obvious symbol of flower is LOVE. Flowers are things that never fail to uplift a person’s spirit. Their bright colors can cheer up anyone who is feeling blue. Why is it that men in love bring flowers to the women of their interest? Is it because they easily associate its beauty to the object of their affection? Maybe yes, or maybe because the flowers’ fragrance remind them of the sweetness that their ladyloves smell.

Visit Bandos Island Resort in the Maldives for the most romantic holiday

Located in the tropical belt, the Maldives Islands enjoy a lovely sunny climate and are warm all year. The weather is largely influenced by the Southwest monsoon between the months of May to November and then the Northeast monsoon between December to April.

Farmer’s Market in Durham

At Durham, North Carolina locals will have a taste of authentic homegrown farm produces because of the Durham Farmer’s Market. Durham Farmers Market enjoys its 10 years anniversary this year and the place is going stronger than ever. At the Durham Farmer’s Market only the tastiest and freshest produce are encouraged to be sold by reliable vendors.