Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Vacations In Glasgow

Scotland is an incredibly popular place to visit and one of the most exciting cities to visit is Glasgow. Glasgow has a vast array of visitor attractions covering an enormous diversity in tastes. While there are many modern attractions many people visit the city to take in the sights of the city’s spectacular architecture including the many works of the famous Art Nouveau architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Vacations In Glasgow

The article below takes a look at the Scottish city of Glasgow, once the second city of the British Empire, and some of the places in and around the area that you may wish to visit if you choose to take a vacation here.

Cultural Glasgow Vacations

Edinburgh many be Scotland’s capital, and it may also be Scotland’s number one vacation destination but the sad fact is that many of the annual visitors to this fine city are missing the opportunity of visiting the fantastic nearby city of Glasgow.

Golf Holidays in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is surrounded by spectacular scenery, which makes it a great place for various outdoor activities, including a game of golf. Indeed, it is an excellent idea to spend golf holidays in Northern Ireland because it has many beautiful golf courses where you can practice your swing or play with your family while enjoying some breathtaking views.

Recreation And Milan City Breaks

Milan city breaks wreak of variety there are so many things to see. They’ve grown to be one of the most sophisticated cities that Italy can brag about. They also happen to be the commercial capital for the country of Italy. Whether it’s shopping you love, or history, or architecture or art, Milan has something for everyone. And if you like them all, then you’ll think you’re in heaven.