How To Visit Rome On A Budget. 5 Tips For A 5-Day Holiday!

Name a concern people often have when travelling abroad. FOOD will probably be number 1 on the list. Here are some suggestions that may help you solve this problem, quality and cost wise, when visiting Rome. RISTORANTEs are fine, but fairly expensive. Try instead HOSTERIAs or, even better, TRATTORIAs (meals there would be about 18/25 Euros /per person; keep in mind that a cover charge always applies. Prices are shown also on stands outside the place). PIZZERIA is another sign that may come in handy: sit-down pizza meals are about 15/20 Euros / per person (pizzas are usually quite good in Rome), take-away pizzas won’t go over 6 Euros each excluding drinks. INSALATA RICCA is a food franchise group specializing in big salads and various kind of traditional pasta dishes (meals about 10/25 Euros / per person). Finally, the usual old Mc. Donald’s, Burger King or similar chains are spread throughout the city, but not Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Venice City Breaks The Experience Of A Lifetime

If you want to get away from the traffic jams and pollution of the roads the Venice is the place to go. With Venice city breaks you can see this beautiful romantic city and have an experience that will give you a lifetime of memories.