The Benefits of Using a Down Sleeping Bag

There always comes a time when one gets bogged down by the hectic life in the metropolitan cities. It all becomes overwhelming – the heavy traffic, the polluted air, the cramped buildings – and one can’t help but just want to escape, even if it’s just for a few days.

Synthetic or Down Sleeping Bags

When you’re camping, one item you should certainly have with you is a sleeping bag. No matter where you might be going, whether it’s in the forest or up the mountain, you should make sure that you have a sleeping bag with you. Sleeping bags are not only providers of comfort, they serve a much more important purpose, and this is to provide warmth. You’ll be surprised at how cold it can get during the evening when you’re in the wilderness. Warmth becomes an increasingly important commodity. And a sleeping bag with nice insulation may just become your anchor during the freezing evenings. But there are two types of sleeping bags to pick from, one is the down sleeping bags and the other one has synthetic filling.

Backpacking Sleeping Bags – 4 Useful Tips To Purchase The Right One

As the modern-day equivalent of the old explorers, the backpacker will be exposed to all kinds of climatic conditions on many different types of terrain. He or she must be self-sufficient and prepared for the worst at all times. And preparedness starts before leaving home, with the selection of backpacking gear. Of particular importance is […]

What Camping Sleeping Bags Are Right For You?

I have to honestly say that heading out into the wild to go camping is what I love the most! All of my stress just left on the road on the way out is what it is all about. When I am out there though I want to be comfortable and to do this you need to be sure to have the right equipment for your trip. Starting with choosing the right camping sleeping bags. There are surprisingly many designs, choices and styles to consider.