Typhoon Sailing at Hong Kong

A couple of days earlier, after a bit of jetlag-banishing spa pampering at Hong Kong’s art-gallery-impersonating Langham Place Hotel and some gourmet dining at Wang Chai’s Szechuan Lao restaurant, we had weighed anchor and set sail into the central reaches of the South China Sea. A force-9 typhoon had unexpectedly changed direction and blown in […]

Sail Away From It All On Your Vacation

If things have been a little hectic and you feel like you need to get away from it all then why not consider a sailing holiday?Going out on your own surrounded by the vast open sea can really give you plenty of time to contemplate everything in you life. Sometimes you need to get away […]

City of Sails in the Middle Earth

New Zealand or Aotearoa (what means “Long White Cloud”) is mostly known for its beautiful and diverse nature geysers, mountains, lakes, beaches and glaciers. Nowadays the rapt attention New Zealand pays to the ecology allows to keep all its natural magnificencealmost untouched even in the big cities. One of the most isolated corners of our […]

What is Inclusive in Adventure Sailing Vacation

 Before there was air travel, people went from one place to the other by ship. Such voyages took days or even weeks. But these days, adventure sailing vacation is gaining popularity and if you are thinking of booking one, you should know what is inclusive in most packages.The price tag of adventure sailing depends on […]

Seaside Resorts In Lancashire

Lancashire County is in the north-west of England and has many stretches of sandy beaches. This is one of the most trendy seaside resorts in Britain, and it is a great contrast with the eastern side of the county which has remarkable views and striking scenery.