Tips for Saving When Traveling in a Group

Traveling in a group? You are the holiday packagers dream! Imagine being able to offload bulk airline seats, rail passes and entertainment packages in one booking. A group traveling is a wanted commodity and because of this you can secure great deals for your group. But as always, beware of any hidden ‘extras’ such as […]

Leaping Miles with Airline Miles Credit Cards

Introduction of an airline credit card proved to be an amazing discovery and a boon for frequent travelers. Airline credit cards were aimed at fulfilling the needs of the travelers and thereby encouraging the consumer to spend. Constant and collaborative efforts of credit companies and various airline companies led to the creation of an airline […]

Save Money On an Orlando Vacation

DRG Property Services has condo’s, townhouses and regular houses to stay at very affordable rates. There are a variety of housing options you may choose and when you go can make a big difference in what the homes rent for also. You can save a lot of money if you go on vacation in the off season.. For example, this could be after Labor Day when rates typically come down . The weather is still beautiful well into October and you miss the large crowds.

Exclusive Travel Agency Vacations

With the flurry of online travel booking and Do-It-Yourself travel sites, many people have lost sight of the fact that a trip can easily be booked through a travel agency – and that there are benefits which can only be found through one of these agencies. It is important to think about the various deals […]

You Can Save Cash Renting A Car

Not all people have cars. Some people who own them find themselves in positions where they don’t have access to their own car. Like, if you go on a vacation to Hawaii, you won’t have your car. Tough luck. Sometimes people don’t want to drive their own car on a long trip, if you catch the airlines just right, you can save money by flying, but you’ll be without a car unless you rent one.