International Travel Accessory Tip: 4 Must Have Travel Accessories

Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, you want to be able to relax and enjoy the trip and even take in some sights. When it comes time to do the packing for your trip, there’s always the question of what do I need? Of course, you’ll need to pack the right kind of […]

Safe Travel- 10 Tips for Increasing Your Security While Backpacking

Unfortunately you can run into problems while backpacking. Do not get paranoid – it will ruin your trip, but do have a healthy respect for things that can happen. Certain places are higher risk and warrant extra attention such as around ATMs, money changers, bus and train stations, crowded streets and markets. Adapt to the […]

Safety Tips for Budget Travelers in Foreign Countries

There are many things to keep in mind when traveling, whether you are a budget traveler or not. You obviously want to keep what money you have for your trip rather than lose it or have it stolen. You also want to keep yourself and traveling companions safe from harm. Here are some tips to […]

Hassle-free Backpacking In Europe

Thinking about going backpacking in Europe alone, with your sweetie, or a buddy? Instead of just grabbing your backpack and hopping on the first plane out to a random European country, it’s worth your while to plan a little bit ahead and figure out what you need in order to have a successful, hassle-free, and […]

Useful Stuff to Bring Along on Your Backpacking Trip – Checklist

There are lots of stuff you can bring along on your backpacking trip. Remember that you have to carry all of it so think twice before bringing a bulky heavy item. Here are some miscellaneous items I have found useful to bring along:Universal bath plug/sink stopper There are plugs which fit a variety of sinks […]