Initial Guideline How to Select Quality Backpack

One of the most important camping equipment is camping bag, or generally called backpack. Choosing a good backpack is also very important, as it could not be considered as just a bag that carries your stuff. Backpack usually is ignored by many of campers as they can see choosing a good backpack is only small […]

Hiking Backpack Tips: Reduce Backpack Weight for More Comfortable Hiking

Many of hiking lovers may have problems about they could not manage to organize their backpack effectively. As hiking require minimum weight to enable hiker to have most comfortable during hiking. Some of hiking expert suggests that the most important that generally make the hiking backpack too heavy is food. So the following article will […]

How do I travel around the world cheaply?

Lance R asked: I want to travel around the world for a few months during my gap year, but all the gap year and travel companies cost a fortune! I’ve been told doing it solo is a lot cheaper. So how do I get the price right down and still be safe?

What are your suggestions for an ideal travel agency or travel assistant experience?

Lucy C asked: Today’s travel has become very hectic, and there are a lot of complaints about service. What are the things that a travel assistant service would do in an ideal world? What kinds of services would they provide and how could they make the experience of planning travel as easy and enjoyable as […]

How different are the holidays going to be this year?

katydid asked: In the past year I’ve been blessed with 2 beautiful grand sons, watched my daughter go through an ugly, unexpected divorce, and lost a few loved ones. I’m also watching family and friends have to reorganize their lives because of the economic situation. My holidays are going to be different in a lot […]