Oklahoma Economy

Oklahoma’s economy is based upon the industry of food manufacturing and production, aircraft development and natural gas extraction. Natural gas is abundant in Oklahoma, ranking the entire state second in the national standings. As for agriculture, Oklahoma competes with a 27th-ranking place, with 5th in rankings for wheat production. Oklahoma has also been rated as one of the most business-friendly states in North America, with tax burdens ranking as the nation’s 7th lowest. Oil accounts for at least seventeen percent of Oklahoma’s major economic shifters, but the industry was outpaced at the start of 2007 due to a collapse in the energy industry.

Recreation And Milan City Breaks

Milan city breaks wreak of variety there are so many things to see. They’ve grown to be one of the most sophisticated cities that Italy can brag about. They also happen to be the commercial capital for the country of Italy. Whether it’s shopping you love, or history, or architecture or art, Milan has something for everyone. And if you like them all, then you’ll think you’re in heaven.

Experience the Canopy Tours of Costa Rica

With the rise in tourism here in Costa Rica, canopy tours are also growing in popularity. An activity for any age, it’s definitely something you do not want to leave Costa Rica without having the experience. The canopy tour is a thrill of a lifetime with breathtaking views for the young and old.

Best Family Beach Destinations

When the weather is freezing and snow, nothing perks a family up like vacationing at a family beach destination. There are many destinations offer sun, beaches, warm water, and a variety of activities for the kids. When planning your next family beach vacation, consider the following popular beach destinations for relaxing fun in the sun:

Luxury Travel In Australia

If you are planning a special holiday and fancy a bit of pampering and luxury then you can find some fantastic places here in Australia.