Auckland’s Most Luxurious Hotels

“Five Star Rating”, “Luxury Hotels”, “Superior Deluxe” are all terms that allow hotel guests and visitors to set expectations about the quality and variety of the services provided. Although at present, there are no global standards for rating hotel accommodations; one can still gain some insight into the quality of the service by the number […]

Getting The Most From Your Vegas Tour Guide

Many times, we all think we know just what exactly Las Vegas is about and why it exists, although we really don’t. Actually, most people – relative to the population in the United States and other parts of the world, haven’t been to Vegas. And that’s where using a good Las Vegas vacation guide can come in handy, especially when the trip there will be for the first time.

Much Ado About Hotel Ratings

For some people, a five-star hotel would mean a luxurious bed, high-end toiletries (preferably the brand names also patronized by celebrities), and large towels. For others, it would mean having at least 200 TV channels, CD and DVD players, and high-speed internet access. While these factors are taken into consideration in hotel ratings, things are […]