What Visitors Should Know before Travelling to Canada

Travelling to Canada from another country can be a very exciting experience because Canada is a very beautiful place with a lot of culture. And depending where you go in Canada, you can experience things such as cold weather like you have never experienced before. That is definitely something that someone from a warm climate may not be able to handle too well. Nevertheless, there are many great places to visit. For instance, the 2010 Winter Olympics are taking place in Vancouver and a lot of individuals will be travelling to that area to see the games.

Smart Travel Tip: 7 Things To Look Out For When Dealing With A Travel Agency

Many people are looking at price when searching for a discount travel agency, however, there are some other things you need to watch out for that can save you time, money and headaches when using a travel agency to plan your trip. 1) Check to see if the agency is a member of ASTA (American […]

Do You Need a Travel Accident Insurance?

When traveling abroad, either in connection to your work or in connection with your studies, in most cases, even if your trip is for pleasure, it is advisable to get a travel accident insurance policy covering international travel. Today’s travel accident policies are also used to protection lost or stolen luggage, delays, personal belongings as well as the usual medical emergencies including urgent evacuation.

How to Find the Perfect Hotel for Your Vacation

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, you cannot always tell whether or not a hotel is worth the price you will pay for your stay. Even within a chain, some locations may be clean and comfortable while others are dirty and less than desirable. So how do you choose the perfect hotel for […]

Travel Gear

Traveling is one of the most common forms of recreation. Traveling can be made possible though walking, or through public or private transport. It may be local, regional, or international. When traveling, various gears or materials are needed to achieve an itinerary. These gears are essential for every traveler especially those who are backpacking.