Leisure Sports; Golf and Clay Pigeon Shooting

It is important that we all have a hobby of some description to take our minds off the stressful days of work. We all need something to do in order to wind down and relax so as not to end up having a break down or worse. Many people use one of two popular sports for this precise reason, either golf or clay pigeon shooting.

Pine Valley – America’s Golfing Heaven

Pine Valley is a most unique golfing creation. Pine Valley has been referred to as the Apex of a challenging golf course itself almost a Penal Course design. It yields without all that much effort and trouble to the superior golfing enthusiast not too much effort or trouble, however those in the high handicap league will find the whole course length more than a bit challenging.

The Top 5 Pre-Trip Checklist For Golf Holidays

Preparing for a regular holiday consists of a fairly standard to do list. A golf holiday requires some extra action items to confirm in the week before departing that will help the holiday go smoothly and ensure you get to golf. The following items cover the fundamentals for most holidaying golfers.