Travel Insurance Put at Risk by Lone Travellers

A rapidly increasing number of Britons is putting their travel insurance at risk by booking different parts of their trip separately, a new study carried out by Marks & Spencer (M&S) Money has recently revealed. According to the research, an increase in internet availability and usage is responsible for the new numbers: an entire half […]

Seniors Can Enjoy Skiing Too

Skiing is not just a sport for young people; many seniors are enjoying skiing as a way to keep healthy and have fun. With the help of skiing, a senior can remain agile and mentally sharp as they age. Nearly three out of every American skier is a senior. As the population ages, it is […]

Pack Some Fun Into Your European Backpacking Trip

If you are backpacking across Europe, it’s important to pack only the essentials. Even if you are a clotheshorse or fashion guru, it’s just not possible to lug around a ton of heavy bags while traveling on foot. As long as you keep the mundane stuff like clothes and shoes down to a minimum, you […]

Picnic Backpack: Why you Should Go for It

Camping and picnic is one of the most favourite outdoor activities that people love to do whenever they have a free time, especially during weekend holiday. You may go camping picnic with family and friends or anyone. When we talk about picnic or camping, one of the most important issue that first come into our […]

How different are the holidays going to be this year?

katydid asked: In the past year I’ve been blessed with 2 beautiful grand sons, watched my daughter go through an ugly, unexpected divorce, and lost a few loved ones. I’m also watching family and friends have to reorganize their lives because of the economic situation. My holidays are going to be different in a lot […]