Surf Fitness: Prepare Now And Get The Most From Your Next Holiday

I love to surf. I love to travel. The great thing about these 2 loves is that they go hand in hand. I’ve gone a little bit further than most people though, and made these passions my life. I moved to Australia’s Gold Coast and set up a surfboard rental company that endeavours to bring together, all the services the travelling surfer needs.

Surfing: The Essence Of Exploration

My typical destination to go surfing is Mermaid Beach. Regardless of whether or not the waves are the best the Gold Coast has to offer (which they’re not close to being), I frequent the area to be able to surf with a bit of elbow-room instead of jammed into a pack. It’s funny, the relationship between surfing as a sport and crowds as a social phenomenon: no surfer out there will confess to loving surfing in a crowd, though all the same surfers in general tend to behave like sheep when hitting the beach (the “follow the leader” syndrome).

Catching the Surf in Australia

When surfers think of a holiday destination, few parts of the planet are quite as enticing as Australia. All over the world, everybody knows that there is hardly a better place to be than Down Under to catch the most amazing, glassy waves the oceans have to offer. Practically every section of Australia’s coast-excluding areas naturally protected by harbors, bays, etc.-has world-class surf conditions to boast of, making a trip to Australia an absolute must for all surfing fanatics.