Cheapest Airline Tickets

ing for the cheapest airline tickets first when I start this part of my travel plans. That does not always mean that I buy the cheapest airline tickets that I find. Not at all! As I have pointing out in other topics the other factors associated with airline flights may end up being more important […]

Wedding in Dominican Republic – Caribbean Style Wedding

Once the province of the rich, cruises have changed and Caribbean cruises are fast becoming the most popular of destinations. A cruise liner holiday is a combination of amazing entertainment, wonderful activities and an opportunity to visit the idyllic islands of the Caribbean. Some people only take a short break and visit perhaps only a couple of islands as part of a larger vacation but most people are doing a tour of as many islands as they can with some lasting over two weeks.

The Best Cruise Getaways You Can Find

When you have to get away from everything, there are a few things you can do. You can get in your car and journey across the country getting hot and feeling cramped, or you could go on cruise vacations. This will give you the adventure to explore the world and it will not cost you as much as you think. If you have children you will be able to get quite a dealas well on various top cruise ships.

Common Questions about Cruise Vacations

Many beginners to cruise vacations have a lot of questions. As a cruise vacation expert, I have heard and have answered all types of questions. I have created this article to answer some of the common inquiries of beginning cruisers.

How to Choose a Good Cabin for your Cruise

If you heading off on a cruise vacation this year, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is which cabin to go for. Cruise Ships are becoming increasingly popular, though a few people have not enjoyed their journey on the open seas as much as they could have; purely down to selecting the wrong accommodation.