Experience Christmas In Australia

Christmas is nearly upon us…well I know it’s only September but it won’t be long before the decorations and Christmas songs are in every supermarket. Have you thought about what you will do this year?

I’m going in a cruise next christmas,will i become sea sick?

Elemer E asked: I’ts a trip to the southern caribbean (ST.Thomas,Antigua,Barbados,St Kitts,etc)

Are there any winter holidays besides Christmas for which a tree is decorated?

Weeping Willow, Cry For Me asked: I am wondering because I keep hearing the use of the “politically correct” term “Holiday Tree”. Do any holidays besides Christmas use a decorated tree in their celebrations?

How do I get through the holidays without my baby boy?

DeepInLove asked: My 7 month old baby boy just passed away in August due to SMA. I would give anything to have him in my arms again. Every day is a struggle and with the holidays coming up it just makes me sick just thinking about it. I wish I could give him all the […]