Scuba Diving With Sharks In Bahamas

Among the many scuba diving attractions in Little Bahama Bank of the Caribbean Sea, scuba diving with sharks is one of the favorite underwater activities for scuba divers there. Bahamas’ Bull Pit Shark Dive This is a classic shark diving destination and having been scuba dived so frequently for many years. It is because of […]

Hiking in the Badlands National Park

If you wish to travel back in time then there is perhaps no better place to choose for a hiking trip than the Badlands National Park in South

Hiking Vacation Idea

There are great places to hike all over the world. My personal preference is in cooler, wetter climates; I am not a big fan of deserts or super hot and humid climates. I find it easier to get warm than it is to get cool – to each their own. Anyways, earlier this year I […]