Hiking in Developing Nations

Backpacking is probably the best way to really experience a place of interest. You interact directly with the local people, take part in a cultural celebration, visit interesting religious sites and become a part of the community. ┬áThe experience will be very much different from domestic hiking trips.Guided Hiking Tour A guided hiking tour can […]

Camping Gear You Will Want to Take Along on Your Next Camping Escape

Do you have it in mind to go on a camping trips soon? If you are, have you ever been camping before? If this is your first ever camping vacation, chances are you’re wondering what all you should take with you. If this is you, don’t feel alone, because you’re not the only one. Even though camping trips are a really exciting and fun time, there is most often a lot of stress involved when you’re planning and packing. If you’d like some tips on how to plan your next camping trip, you’ll want to read the rest of this article.