Surfing: The Essence Of Exploration

My typical destination to go surfing is Mermaid Beach. Regardless of whether or not the waves are the best the Gold Coast has to offer (which they’re not close to being), I frequent the area to be able to surf with a bit of elbow-room instead of jammed into a pack. It’s funny, the relationship between surfing as a sport and crowds as a social phenomenon: no surfer out there will confess to loving surfing in a crowd, though all the same surfers in general tend to behave like sheep when hitting the beach (the “follow the leader” syndrome).

Things To Do On The Gold Coast

I had to get up early this morning and get down to Coolangatta Beach. One of my surfboard hire clients was checking out early and needed 1 minimal and 1 short board picked up before they left. So up I got, arriving in Cooly before 7am.

Your Ultimate Beach Holiday

This morning I had to rise from bed and head down to Coolangatta Beach. A surfboard rental client of mine was getting an early start on the day and needed a minimal and a short board scooped before checking out. So I went to do just that, getting to Cooly just before 7am.